This release includes a host of exciting additions that were announced at the November SA5 conference.

Watch the video below to find out more!


New Look

You’ll see a new look to the SA interface. We hope you enjoy it!

Some changes include:

This video gives you a tour of the changes.

System-Wide Announcements

A new banner at the top of all screens will now show important information and announcements. You won’t need to go to the My Day screen to see updates from SA.

Consolidated Settings

The new Settings screen now consolidates all individual settings across Service Autopilot. All the options and permissions you have set in the past are unchanged.

You can find the Settings icon at the top of the window.

Scroll to see the various categories of settings: Company, CRM, Scheduling, Chemical Tracking, and Accounting. User Roles and Rights are located in the Company section.

Use the new settings search bar to quickly find the settings you need.

Enhanced Timesheets Feature

SA now offers a more robust Timesheets function under Accounting > Timesheets. See the video for more information:

The Timesheets User Guide is located in Help > User Guide > Timesheets

Invoice Emails

Invoice emails can now contain invoice information directly in the body of the email in addition to an attached PDF. You can easily create invoice emails with the new Invoice Editor. Choose from three sample email templates, or use the Editor tools to create your own. See the video for more information:

Invoice Exporting and Printing

To streamline your work and speed up system performance, we’ve changed how to export and print multiple Invoices. Now, when you export more than 10 invoices in Service Autopilot, they will process in the background, allowing you to work elsewhere in the system if you wish. The PDF files will generate in a few minutes, then appear on the My Day page. You can get the PDFs from My Day any time within five days to download or print.

BluePay > CardConnect

Anywhere you saw “BluePay” in the system, you’ll now see “CardConnect.”


New Custom Field Condition

We added a new “Custom Field” condition to Automations that allows you to check against custom field values in Start, Stop, and If/Else conditions. This option gives you more flexibility and control in your Automations.

New Update Event

Try the new “Update” event within an automation. It can currently update the Sales Person, CSR, or any custom field values. More update options will be included at a later date.

Validation Message Time

When saving an Automation, validation messages on the Automation Edit now appear longer to allow more time for you to see it.

Two-Way Text History After Cancelling Two-Way Texting Subscription

All messages in your two-way texting history will now remain available for you to see after unsubscribing from two-way texting. This lets you use the data for historical purposes.

Validation Message on Events

When you don’t specify a recipient for an event, you’ll now see this reminder: “Please select at least one recipient.”

Certified Advisors

You can now search and sort the connections page.


Mobile App Forms

We made several updates to Mobile App forms, to make them consistent with forms in Service Autopilot. These updates will be available to download for iPhone a few days after the release.

Note: Be sure to set the “Create on Submit” option, which defines how field data is mapped a form is submitted. This allows updates to fields such as custom fields, names, and addresses.

New Text Editor for Confirmation and Internal Emails

A new, more flexible text editor is now available on the Confirmation and Internal Email overlays.


Custom Fields on the Marketplace

You now can download Marketplace items that contain pre-built custom fields on forms and documents. Certified Advisors can also upload Marketplace forms and documents containing custom fields.

Report Center

Sales Commission Export report

We’ve optimized the Sales Commission Export report to generate faster. Changes included removing two unnecessary columns, Discount and Sales Tax, to improve speed and reduce timeout errors.

Discount Amount on Jobs Data

A new column was added to the jobs data source called Discount Amount. It shows the discount dollar amount for the job.

User Guides

Check out these new and updated user guides under Help > User Guides:

Resolved Issues


“Do not Overwrite” Option Remaining

When mapping a form field to a custom field, the selected “Do not overwrite” option remained even after changing to another mapping option. This has been fixed.

“Expecting Response” not saving properly within an If/Else Text Event

Previously, if you selected a resource or role to receive an alert within a Text Event’s Expecting Response, that selection was not saving if it was within the Else block of an If/Else event. We have corrected this so that a text event’s expecting response selection now saves correctly, no matter where it is placed within an automation.

Visual Bug when Editing an Event’s Body

When editing an event’s body in Automations, you might have seen “---Custom Email---" in the Documents list while you were in the process of customizing the body of the event. This has been fixed.


Deleting a Client or Lead with a Form Response

Previously, an error would appear if you tried to delete a client or lead that had a form response tied to it. You now can delete any client or lead, regardless of associated forms.

Form Response Export Removing Periods, Commas, and Spaces

The Form Response export was removing periods and commas from the export and replacing spaces with underscores. This has been fixed.

Data Not Copying to New Form

If you used the Forms Copy function, some information had not been copying, such as the Title, Confirmation Emails, and Internal Emails. Now, all data copies over to the new version of the form.

Source not Updating on Map-To Field

Previously, the Source was not mapping to a client or lead properly when set to map on a form field if they did not already have a source. This has been fixed.

Help Sections Sometime Displaying “&nbsp” on Published Forms

To support multiple internet browsers, on the publish options for Forms, we added a semicolon to “&nbsp” within the Help Section columns. This will prevent some browsers from showing “&nbsp” when no help text was specified on a form field under certain conditions. You might need to re-publish the form for the semicolon to appear correctly in all websites.


Using Special Characters on the Search Bar
For some special characters such as apostrophes (‘), caused a problem with the Marketplace search bar not accepting and searching on them. This has been fixed.

Mobile App

Note: Updates to the Mobile App on iPhone will be available a few days after the release. At that time, you’ll be able to see the latest updates by downloading the Mobile App from the App store.

Master Job Attachments Not Appearing

Some attachments set at the Master Job level were not appearing on the Mobile App. This has been fixed.

Logging Bill Depth (On Demand Jobs)

Previously, you might have received an error when attempting to log Billing Depth for On Demand Jobs. This has been fixed.

QuickBooks Online

When syncing with QBO, the system no longer creates a default Sales Tax record, “my sample sales tax”.

Report Center

Default Contract Services Appearing on Job Costing Report

Occasionally, the default Contract service was showing on the Job Costing Report. This has been fixed.

Exporting Clients Report by Completed Jobs

The Clients Report by Completed Jobs is no longer exporting a blank Excel spreadsheet.

Time Resource Utilization Report

There was a discrepancy between time shown on timesheets and the Time Resource Utilization report.

This has been fixed.

Service Autopilot (General Fixes)

Including a PDF in an Estimate Email

Previously, overall settings for estimates was where you specified whether or not to include an estimate PDF in an email. Now, you can select this option for each email, on the Document Overlay.

Greater than/equal filter

Previously, the “greater than or equal to” option did not properly filter, but now the  filters apply correctly.

Emails Appearing on Error list

Previously, some emails that had been delivered successfully were appearing on a search for “Dropped” emails. This has been fixed.

Accept Estimate Link

Through the “View My Proposal page,” clients had the ability to sign and “accept” estimates multiple times. This has been fixed, and now the “Accept Proposal” button disappears once the client has accepted the estimate.

Release Notes for January 2019 (Part 2) >

It’s the new year… and you’re starting to realize it’s time to kick your business goals into high gear.

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Goal #1: Grow Your Revenue

Growing your revenue should be your top goal this year.

That means increasing your client list and selling more jobs.

Here’s what you should focus on to achieve this goal:

1. Get more leads.

Create sales funnels that drive leads into your business rather than always having to go out and get new business.

You’ll save a ton of time and worry less if you can devise a system that brings the leads to you.

Facebook ads are a great way to get started.

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2. Grow your current market share.

If you’re not already “the big cheese” in your area, you’ll need to focus on ways to take a bigger piece of the pie.

What are your competitors doing to get more leads?

Why do customers choose them over you?

Do a little research to see what’s setting them apart.

But be careful - you don’t want to copy them. You want to use this knowledge to assess areas of your business that may need improvement, then use some of that knowledge to increase your share of the market.

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Goal #2: Improve Customer Service and Quality

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You can do that by having...

  1. Better hires.
  2. Better assessments.
  3. Better incentives.

Monitor the quality of work your teams provide to clients. You can do this by developing a review system for your customers.

You can use Service Autopilot's Forms to gather feedback from clients after you complete a service. To track customer satisfaction, Martha Woodward co-founded a software company called Quality Driven Software that can help you collect the info.

Once you know how your teams are performing, reward their good work! You could develop compensation plans that revolve around quality scores.

The better the compensation for good work, the higher the quality of work.

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Test new things - offers, audiences, email subject lines, Facebook posts, images, headlines, etc.

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To be successful, test these advertising channels:

1. Paid Facebook Ads

If you’re not doing Facebook ads, you should be.

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2. Email Marketing

The majority of email marketing is free. It typically costs nothing to email your clients and lead lists.

Create separate strategies for each audience.

For clients, email them with upsell offers.

For leads, send them new client discounts, holiday promotions, and creative content to hook them.

3. Leave Behinds

These are small things you “leave behind” after you finish a cleaning service.

They push you from good… to GREAT.

Design a few pieces with upsell offers that you can leave for existing clients.

Create new client discounts that you can use as door hangers, or leave behind for your clients to pass out to their friends.

What’s the easiest way to impress your clients? Check out 17 Awesome “Leave Behinds” for Your Cleaning Clients


2019 will be amazing… if you follow the plan.

If you follow the goals we’ve laid out for you, they’ll take you from zero to 60 in no time.

Your business is year-round. That means you can test your sales and marketing strategies throughout the year.

If you sit idly by, your business will not grow.

It doesn’t matter where you start, just that you start SOMETHING.

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