We've made minor changes throughout the system to help you in your workday. Watch the video to find out more.



Service Autopilot

Document Editor: Document Templates Available
You now can select standard templates from a dropdown list in the Document Editor.

The News–It's Everywhere
Instead of going to the My Day screen for SA announcements, you now can see important updates on a message banner that appears at the top of all Service Autopilot windows. The banner remains on the screen until you dismiss it.

Member Support Email Editor
We updated the Email Editor under the HELP > Email that lets you contact Member Support. That email editor is now consistent with the other editors in Service Autopilot such as the Email Overlay.

New Format for Estimates Template
We updated the Estimates template to our new design. To see the template, first create a new Estimate Document and click Save.

Rate Matrix Shortcut
If you are creating a new service, you can now go to another service, copy its rate matrix, and customize the rate matrix if needed.


New Trigger: Contract is About to Expire
We added a new trigger for "Contract is About to Expire" that can run once a day. It will look at all contracts for the client.

New Condition: Contract is About to Expire
We added a new "Contract is About to Expire" condition that can be used in Start, Stop, and If/Else conditions. It will look at all contracts for the client.


Confirmation and Internal Emails
We updated the Confirmation and Internal Emails on Forms to have similar options to Automations for things such as sending emails to and from a CSR, Sales Person, the branch, etc.

The From (sender) options were updated to:

The To (recipient) options were updated to:

Improved Security on Forms and Emails
We now offer improved user authentication with Google reCAPTCHA on embedded form options and in email throughout SA. You can turn on Google reCAPTCHA from the Form Layout tab when editing a form. After that, the ReCAPTCHA authentication will appear in the following:

ReCAPTCHA authentication will not display for:

Mobile App, Team App

Time Entries Include Lunch Breaks
You now can create timesheet records for "Lunch Break" on the Mobile App and Team App (beta).

User Guides

Bug Fixes