Are Unreported Damage Cases Costing You Clients?

Damage Cases

The situation: You’re running a crew on your client’s property when one of your crew members breaks something. Maybe he mowed too close to a bench and nicked it, or maybe she accidentally knocked over a flower pot.

Doesn’t matter if it was an accident. What matters is that your client is not going to be happy. If this gets out of hand, they could leave some pretty sour reviews for your company.

How do you save your reputation?

If you’ve been working in the field long enough, chances are you’ve had to deal with Damage Cases. It’s not fun.

But if you deal with damage cases in the right way, you will look more professional, and your clients will most-likely stay with you. Service Autopilot has a Damage Case reporting feature that will help you do just this – and do it before your client gets upset.

First, why would you want to tell your client that you broke their stuff?

3 Benefits to Reporting Your Damage Cases

1. Impress Your Clients

Imagine how your clients would feel, coming home after a long day at work and seeing a broken bench in their front yard, or shards of their favorite vase sitting in the trash.
They’re going to be mad.

But if you tell them before they find out on their own, they’ll know you as an honest business person. They’ll be impressed that you not only had the guts to tell them, but that you told them so quickly.

It’s important to let them know that you are VERY SORRY, and that you will replace or fix the damaged property as soon as you can.

2. Hold Your Employees Accountable

So now your employees know that you’re tracking them. How do you think they’re going to react?

Yup, they’re going to be much more careful, especially since they know that if they break something, the report is going to have their name on it. This is part of the reason why it’s imperative you hire the right employees – people who can own up to their mistakes.

3. Keep Better Reports

If you’re trying to grow your service business, you need to report everything that costs you money.

This will help you keep track of which employees are too accident prone (maybe to keep them out of your more expensive clients’ homes), and it will help you stay on track with all of your finances.

Report Damage Cases with Service Autopilot’s new feature

This one’s a pretty advanced concept, so Chris made a video to give you the ins-and outs:

Essentially, you can report the damage from your mobile device, log in the data, and create a special To-Do type for the office, so they can tell the client about the damage ASAP.

For companies that want to look professional, it’s important to report every accidental Damage Case to your clients. With Service Autopilot’s Damage Case reporting, keeping track of these situations is a piece of cake.

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Patrick Hoffman

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