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Release Notes | March 18, 2022
This release includes some enhancements to Automations to improve your experience and to speed up processing.
Release Notes | February 18, 2022
This release includes some enhancements to Smart Maps in V3, and we continued work on Automations to speed up processing. We’ve also made numerous updates to correct system issues with QuickBooks Online and other areas.
Release Notes | January 2022
This release includes optimizations for Automations to improve speed and performance, a new Chemical Tracking Setup Wizard, a time-saving List View on the Team app, and improvements to Master Schedules. As always, we’ve made various updates to correct system issues. Read on for more details. What’s New at SA Virtual In-House Training Click here to […]
Release Notes | September 24, 2021
This release continues our drive toward making existing processes simpler and faster. New enhancements include Search Bars on list pages, a simpler setup for Chemical Tracking, improvements to the Job Wizard, and the ability to “watch” Tickets. Enjoy! Enhancements Accounts You can filter for Custom Fields on the V3 Accounts list. We added a new […]
Release Notes | August 20, 2021
The theme of this release is Make Life Easier. We continue to improve, clarify, and polish different areas around SA based on your feedback. This release includes enhancements to the Accounts screen and Activity Stream, new previews on some Review screens, and many improvements to the Client Portal and Client Portal app (because we want […]
Release Notes | July 23, 2021
With this release, your clients have access to Tickets in the Client Portal app. We’ve also made numerous improvements to usability.
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