Batch Emails: Improve Your Marketing

Batch Emails

“I wrote the perfect email. I put the best offer we could, and then I sent it out to my entire mailing list.

I sent it to 107 clients.

Two weeks later and I haven’t heard a SINGLE THING back. I have no idea where we went wrong! I don’t even know if anyone opened that darn email!”

Email marketing – especially batch emails – can be a very powerful tool for increasing your profits. Get new clients, upsell your clients, you name it. But how can you be sure your email batches are working?

How can you tell if your clients even read your emails?

Batch Email Data – When You Need It

You can already send batch emails from Service Autopilot – and you can target your leads however you want.

But how do you make sure your marketing works?

Good question! Here’s the answer: with our new Batch Email feature, you can view all of the stats for your batch emails. These numbers include emails that were –

  • Delivered
  • Opened
  • Bounced (did not reach their inbox)
  • Marked as Spam (by the reader)
  • Links Clicked in the Email

Pretty cool, huh? If you want to see it in action, here’s a video from Chris:

Note: Your clients or leads may have disabled settings in their email clients that could prevent companies from gathering information about sent emails. 

What Do You DO with All This Data?

Okay, you’ve sent your batch emails, and you wait – maybe a day, maybe a little more for the slowpokes. When you come back to that email campaign and you open up the reports, you’ll see data telling you what happened with your email.

First, see whats wrong. 

  • If people are not receiving your emails, maybe you have the wrong addresses
  • If leads aren’t opening your emails, you probably need to change your subject line
  • If leads aren’t clicking on your links, or aren’t calling you after they read the email, your offer simply isn’t attractive enough, or the bulkiness of your email scared them away

Second, try a different tactic. If you send out 50 emails, and 14 of them weren’t even opened, you might consider changing your plan for those people.

Create a tag for those 14 people, and send them a different email, or try cold-calling them. If they ignored you the first time, it’s not a bad idea to look for a different angle to attract them.

Last, if certain clients are ignoring your invoices, you can use the batch email statistics to clearly see who is choosing to not open your emails. Then you can send more immediate messages or phone calls until they respond. Hey, you did the work. It’s YOUR money.

Batch emails will improve your marketing chops by a huge amount. With easy-to-read data, you can test and find out the best ways to sell to your clients, and get old clients to use more of your services.

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Patrick Hoffman

Patrick Hoffman

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