Announcing the 2016 Service Autopilot

Win a FREE Full-Day Business Consultation with Jonathan!

What is the biggest problem in your company today?

Win the Grand Prize, and Jonathan Pototschnik will fly to your business, and help you solve it.

In 2000, Jonathan co-founded his first technology company. In addition, he has held interests in multiple service companies ranging from lawn care to janitorial.

In the last 10 years, the businesses Jonathan has co-owned, or been a partner in, have generated nearly $100,000,000 in revenue. He has worked with hundreds of business owners to improve their companies.

If your business needs a serious boost - in anything from growing your profits, to hiring the right  people, to dominating your market - Jonathan has the expertise and the methods to make     it happen.

Win the grand prize, and Jonathan will:

  1. Fly to your business (at no cost to you)

  2. Spend a full work-day with you and your team

  3. Strategize and help you discover breakthroughs in your business

    Topics covered:

    • How to find new, profitable market opportunities
    • Evaluate your operations for short-term and long-term improvements
    • Develop strategies to enhance your current Business Model
    • Discover bottlenecks and create plans to eliminate them - permanently

This consultation is not the usual Service Autopilot training session. With Jonathan's guidance, you will re-evaluate your business and create growth-focused strategies.

You will be required to identify your goals and questions in advance of the consultation. Jonathan will ask you to answer a set of questions based on your goals so that he can prepare and maximize your value from this trip.

ADDED BONUS: What’s the point of success if you can’t enjoy it?

To get to know you and your company better, Jonathan will also take you and up to three members of your team out to an exquisite dinner - on us!

Service Autopilot will cover 100% of Jonathan’s travel expenses, as well as the dinner. This consultation will cost you nothing.

Contest Entries have Closed.

The Winner will be Announced on November 18th by Email [Subject to Change].

Thanks to everyone that participated.