The 11 Most Patriotic Lawns and Landscapes on Independence Day


I double-checked the propane last night.

We’ve got a whole roll of paper towels on standby, and a rack of ribs marinating in the fridge. Fourth of July, I’m all set.

Are you ready for the fireworks and the smell of cinnamon and apple pie?

For now, let these patriotic lawns slake your appetite (we’ve saved the best for last):

1. The Most Patriotic Lawn Stripes Ever?

This lawn comes to us from Bob Greenhoe’s yard up in Michigan.

How did he do it? Bob is the inventor of the CheckMate lawn striping products, which you can check out here on the website.

2. Painted in Memory (for a Good Reason)

Would you ever paint your lawn? Ken Ober did, and for a good reason.

He first painted a big, beautiful flag his lawn in tribute to those who lost their lives in the September 11th attacks. He’s been doing it ever since.

3. Gigantic Lawn Flag


Bigger equals better.

At least, that’s how these guys out in Kentucky see it.

4. The Most Patriotic House in America

Fourth of July at the White House

Maybe it’s not the fanciest lawn, but, technically, the White House is the most patriotic house in the United States… so it must count as the most patriotic lawn, too. Right?

Image via The White House Historical Association

5. The Second Most Patriotic House in America?

flag painted on house

…and this might be the second most patriotic house. This one is a funny story about Flags and defiance of the HoA, you might want to read it here on Snopes.

6. What’s better than Flags painted on lawns?

Trees painted with American flag

Flags painted on trees, of course! They last longer, don’t they?

Image via

7. Stars and Stripes Garden Bed

flowers arranged into a flag

Something adventurous for “soft landscapers” to try.

Image via streetsofsalem

8. Grandma’s Checkered Towel

Okay, bear with me on this one.

When I was younger, we’d drive all the way down to my Grandmother’s house for the 4th of July. She used to bring out a basket, and you could just smell the cinnamon and apples.

She always covered with a checkered towel. So, in honor of you, Grandma Emma, here’s a simple checkered lawn:

Checkered Lawn Stripes

Image via

9. This Patriotic Mower


What would your clients say if you showed up with this?

Image via 4GFC

10. Flowers for the U.S.A.


Well, I’m from Texas, so I say this one is missing a few bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes. Other than that, this is quite a garden.

Image via Mooseys Country Garden

11. Maybe the Most Glorious Lawn You’ll See Today


From all of us, at Service Autopilot…

Happy Fourth of July!


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