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“Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

Service Autopilot loves Multi-Day

and Chocolate, too!”

New Month, New Multi-Day Enhancements

January has come and gone and we are working continuously to improve our current product that you’ve come to love. February may be the second month of the year, but with it comes challenges, opportunities, and enhancements! To be more specific, we are talking about Multi-Day job functionality.

We have taken everything that works with this functionality and improved it to make it easier for you to create, modify, and implement jobs that span more than one day. It’s important to note that these enhancements will have an impact both on your Service Autopilot Desktop and Mobile App. Whatever the case, Multi-Day functionality is here to help you keep your business needs on track.

So, what are the big changes that this enhancement brings to the table? After all, Multi-Day functionality is not new… right? You bet! The areas of Service Autopilot with changes include most job types, job dispatching, and mobile app functionality.

Without a doubt, the most important aspect of this enhancement boils down to Service Autopilot allowing you to specify the length of a job. What’s more, you will be able to set certain parameters within your company settings to maximize Multi-Day job management once dispatched. As you can see, February is not only a synonym of love and friendship, but of Multi-Day-Awesomeness!

In brief, Multi-Day functionality will provide you with convenience, functionality, and flexibility when managing jobs scheduled for multiple days. Make sure to check out the user guide and training video for more detailed information.

Beneficial Multi-Day Features

– Manage scheduling and resource assignment for each scheduled job instance from your Dispatch Board or Mobile App.

– Track time on each day.

Coming Soon To A Screen Near You…

We’re always looking for ways to make your job easier. Here are some projects in the works at Service Autopilot.

Document Editor

This robust and user-friendly tool will enable you to create documents such as emails, estimates, and marketing material. Without a doubt, an incredible value to an already amazing Pro Membership.

One Work Order, One Invoice

Some work orders containing multiple jobs last multiple days. If the time frame happens to extend from one invoice period to the next, the bill for the work order is divided into two invoices, causing possible confusion for clients. Coming soon, an invoice will be generated only once, when the last job is completed, and it will contain only that work order—making life simpler for you and your clients.

Certified Advisors

Soon, you’ll have the option to consult with expert users who are certified by Service Autopilot. They will offer help in areas like setting up your account, optimizing your use of Service Autopilot, and sharing exclusive content for marketing campaigns.


The Marketplace will provide new and better ways to use SA – including tools and connections to help you grow your business.

How ‘bout that Forms Summary Report?

We’ve added a helpful report to compile the results of your forms, including surveys. For example, say you use forms to create a checklist for your employees to fill out at the end of a job. Over time, the Forms Summary report will combine these results for you to review. You can find the Forms Summary at CRM > Reports > Forms.

Uh…what are forms again?

Go to CRM > Forms where you can use pre-built forms or create your own.
For how-to’s, see the user guide or the prerecorded Forms webinar.

Be Our Valentine!

Okay, a newsletter is not as nice to open as a heart-shaped box of candy. But did you notice that it arrived in early February? Our New Year’s Resolution is to write the newsletter with a focus on the month ahead.
On behalf of the folks at Service Autopilot, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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