Send Files from the Field to the Office (and Back!)

With Service Autopilot™, you can already send pictures from the field to the office. Any Mobile App users simply pull up the Service Autopilot Mobile App, go to their Job, and snap a photo. It’s great if you’re in the office, and you want a quick picture of the field. It’s also a great feature for creating Before/After photos.

Our members loved it, but they had one problem:

“We can send pictures to the office, but why can’t we send files from the office to our people in the field?”

Now you can! All you have to do is go to the job, click attachments, and upload the file.

We call this feature, ‘Two-way Attachments.’

How Can You Use Two-way Attachments?

There are a couple of obvious uses:

  • Send updated blueprints or sketches to the field, while you’re still in the office.
  • If damage happens in the field, your team can take a picture and send it to the office for documentation, so you’re not blind-sided.

But did you know that you can use this feature to make more money on your Jobs?

How? Upselling. When your crews are working on your clients’ property, and they see something else that the team could do (some extra maintenance, or tree-trimming, or deep cleaning), your crew can take a picture with the mobile app, and it will automatically upload to Service Autopilot.

Then, you can send a short email to your client, saying, “Hey, my team noticed that we could do some extra work for you next time we’re there. Interested?”

To you, that action is going to be worth a boatload of new revenue.

Chris Sims

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