Common Concerns About Marketing Promotions


The Reason Most Promotions Fail to Attract New Clients

Promotions, done right, will have a substantial impact on your response rate. Consider these ideas to amp up your digital- and print-marketing efforts:

What Makes the Best Prospects Want to Buy from You? (Hint: it’s NOT Low Prices)

The idea that your prospects want to make their buying decision based solely on price is nonsense.

However, if we fail to give our prospects any other criteria for choosing us or our competitors, then they HAVE to choose based on price.

Here is why and how to solve it…

How to Answer this Question: “Will This Promotion Make Me Money?”

When you really get this concept it will dramatically impact how you think about marketing and promotions. It will also convince you that you are underspending on your marketing efforts.

Why You Want to be the Higher Priced Player

If you are the low-cost (or even average-priced) provider in your market you will never be thrilled with the business you’ve built.

It takes money in the form of strong margins and profits to build a great company. It takes money to deliver excellent quality and fantastic customer service.

This is the pricing strategy for winning in the long term:

In the last few years your competitors have billed over 3 billion in revenue through Service Autopilot.

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