Are you ready to put your business on Autopilot? That's what we're talking about with John Caldwell, our CTO, today on The Profit Roadmap.

Automations is Out of Beta

At SA4, John announced that automations was officially out of beta and ready to be used. Our Certified Advisor and friend of the show, Mike Callahan, is helping people get up and running with his 20 Days to Close automation.

John also clued us in on this episode to an upcoming feature: Reports Center.

You'll be able to create your own reports, using the information and data you need. If you're running Automations, you'll even be able to have reports automatically pulled and emailed to you!

Interview Series Incoming

John is going to be back to discuss the future (and history!) of Service Autopilot in a couple more episodes. We're very excited that he's taking time to sit down with us and let us know what he and the development wizards are cooking up in their laboratory.

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