Your hunt for the best field service conference is over. By attending SEC (i.e. Service Edge Conference), you’ll gain exclusive insider industry access to top-of-the-line resources.

SEC is a new annual event for Service Autopilot and FieldEdge members and potential customers. Also, this program is tailored to streamline all areas of field service business.

This premier event is especially created for field service businesses, by field service businesses. All field service businesses are encouraged to attend—lawn care, residential cleaning, snow removal, pool services, and more!

All SEC registrations for this field service conference include:

In addition, improvements on operations, marketing, CRM, sales tactics, strategic planning, financials, and growth plans are among a few of the insights attendees will receive.

1. Exclusive Access to Lucrative Resources

With this hands-on experience, you’ll be able to craft the perfect roadmap to meet the needs of your growing business.

Conquer goals and build the future business you’ve been dreaming of answers and strategies from leading experts and top business owners.

The best field service conference of the year will provide answers to common questions like:

At SEC, you’ll explore how to push past your biggest obstacles, and ignite ideas you can’t wait to implement.

Plus, you’ll get exclusive first inside looks at what’s new in Service Autopilot and FieldEdge! Get special access to our latest updates, and see new features in action.

2. Insider Knowledge from Leading Industry Pros

At this year’s field service conference, you’ll hear from industry experts who have overcome some of the biggest challenges all field service businesses are currently facing.

Access the best secrets for long-term success and growth, and listen to keynote speakers like:

Plus, with your SEC registration, you’ll get two and a half FULLY FOCUSED days of engaging speakers who will show you exactly how to improve:

3. One-on-One Support Lab Sessions

New Service Autopilot or FieldEdge members will have a unique opportunity to utilize one-on-one support lab sessions at this field service conference.

Likewise, if you’re a seasoned Service Autopilot or FieldEdge member, you’ll have the opportunity to explore new ways to utilize the field service software.

Use these one-on-one support lab sessions to:

4. Actionable Workshops and Sessions

Attend over 23 hours of hands-on workshops and sessions that will immediately change your business and WIN BIG.

Service Autopilot and FieldEdge members alike will discuss crucial topics, such as:

Whether you’re burned out, or simply want to grow and keep ahead, ALL attendees will have the unique opportunity to reignite their passion and fuel for growth. 

5. Endless Networking Opportunities from Across North America

With over 400 owners and employees in attendance at this SEC field service conference, you’ll have endless networking opportunities from across North America.

Take charge of this special opportunity to get firsthand inspiration from your peers. Discover their strategies, shortcuts, and secrets to explosive business growth.

At SEC, you’ll meet successful, seasoned field service business owners making upwards of $1M, $5M, and even $10M year-after-year.

You won’t want to miss the best chance you have this year at soaring your business to newfound heights of success at SEC—the best field service conference of the year.

Attend SEC: The Best Field Service Conference to Grow Your Business

SEC is the ONLY conference focused on growth and development for field service business owners and their teams.

By attending SEC, you’ll gain exclusive access to the top pro secrets to success in the field service industry.

Plus, all field service conference attendees will have the opportunity to:

Service Autopilot and FieldEdge members and non-members alike are encouraged to attend this premier field service conference. Click here to find out the latest information about the SEC.

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Originally published Oct 4, 2022 7:00 AM

For the first time ever, Xplor Service Autopilot and Xplor FieldEdge are combining forces to provide the newest premier, growth-focused conference for the Field Services industry. Service business owners and industry experts from across North America will meet in Plano, Texas to discover new strategies for maximizing business growth.

PLANO, TEXAS — Xplor Technologies is excited to announce the 2022 Service Edge Conference (SEC) – a new annual event for Xplor Service Autopilot and Xplor FieldEdge members and potential customers. The conference will take place from Nov. 16, 2022 to Nov. 18, 2022 at the Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West in Plano, Texas.

This year’s SEC is a premier event created for field service businesses, by field service businesses. From lawn care to HVAC to residential cleaning, plumbing and more, all service business professionals are welcome!

The SEC program is tailored to streamline and improve all areas of field services business. Attendees will uncover insights on how to improve: operations, marketing, CRM, sales tactics, strategic planning, financials, and develop future growth plans.

Keynote speakers like Steve McClatchy, New York Times bestselling author and founder of Aleer Training and Consulting, Chad Williams, bestselling author and former U.S. Navy SEAL, and Jonathan Pototschnik, the Lawn Care Millionaire, will share their best secrets for long-term success and growth.

Every attendee will have the opportunity to join sessions filled with actionable insights and innovative growth ideas to implement for their businesses straight away. They’ll also have the chance to get inspired and grow their networks from connections with 400+ field service business owners and employees across North America.

All registrations include:

Xplor Service Autopilot and Xplor FieldEdge members and non-members alike are all encouraged to attend. Click here for more information about SEC 2022.


Xplor Technologies is a global platform combining SaaS solutions with embedded payments and Commerce Accelerating Technologies. Xplor provides enterprise-grade SaaS solutions for SMBs in “everyday life” verticals: Childcare & Education, Fitness & Wellbeing, Field Services and Personal Services – and a global, cloud-based payment processing platform.

With operations across North America, Australasia, Europe, and the United Kingdom, Xplor serves over 78,000 businesses that processed over $31 billion in payments, operating across 140 countries in 2021.

Xplor Service Autopilot, the premier business management software for lawn care, cleaning, snow removal, pest control, and pool services industries, has helped thousands of entrepreneurs conquer their dreams by automating their business for quick, long-term growth.

Xplor FieldEdge is a leading provider of SaaS business management solutions for the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industries, and has helped thousands of service-based organizations increase their sales performance and workforce productivity.

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