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Simply put, Automations allows Service Autopilot to automatically perform activities. Set it once, and it will go - by itself - until you say stop.

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"One of our simplest “email follow-up” Automations has made a member $150,000+"

- Jonathan Pototschnik, Co-founder of Service Autopilot

What Will Automations Do for Your Business (Right Now)?

Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Boost your “personal attention” with each of your clients with automated follow-up communications.

Multiply Your Selling Power (and Your Profits)

Automations will enable you to rapidly upsell a new service - or automatically upsell a service to a client exactly when they want it most.

Keep Track of Company Cash flow and Team Efficiency

Track how efficiently your team works with customizable report and send them automatically to your team leads.

What is Automations and
How does it Work?

Simply put, Automations allows Service Autopilot to automatically perform activities. Set it once, and it will go - by itself - until you say stop. The Basic Steps of setting up an Automation are:

  • Define your Rules (conditions)
  • Set a Wait Period
  • Add an Event (email, text, to do, etc).

Remind clients when a service is dispatched by text or email.

estimate followup automation workflow

Send email follow ups to your clients after they request an estimate.

upsell automation workflow

Instantly Upsell a Service to your client right when they need it.

Build referrals and stay in touch with customer satisfaction.

nurture clients automation workflow
marketplace screenshot

Get Pre-made Automations and Documents on the Marketplace

There are also plenty of “done-for-you” Automations available on the Marketplace. So, you can just download those and not have to build your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can make Automations that are incredibly complex…

Or incredibly simple.

Quite frankly, some of the simplest Automations are the most powerful.

They can save your team dozens to hundreds of hours this year. Or, greatly increase your close rate on new clients.

There are also plenty of “done-for-you” Automations available on the Marketplace. So, you can just take those and not have to build your own.

Our ideal is that we train you, so you can do all of this on your own… easily.

More than seven years ago, we started with a vision.

We called ourselves “Service Autopilot” because we wanted to help service businesses run… on Autopilot.

Unfortunately, that early dream was too ambitious for us. We realized we needed to focus on the core of our system before we could even think about automating.

One year passed…

Then another…

Until one day, we said, “Finally! This is it. We have the time, resources and know how to build this thing.”

That was almost three years ago. Now, we have an internal Automations team that only works on Automations. The team is made up of:

Business analysts
Automations Support Specialists
They do not work on anything else - we don’t want to distract them, we want them to focus their expertise on this because it’s so important to us.

It’s been a long time coming… because we have to get it right.

(We even spent several months quietly overhauling our underlying Architecture. Why? So we can scale Automations as your companies grow bigger... and still have everything run faster).

The truth is… not everyone will make full use of Automations.

That’s fine. As we’ve stated, even a simple automation can help you 4x, 5x, or even 10x your investment.

Because Automations is about scale, smaller companies may not see as big an advantage from Automations.

For example, maybe it doesn’t take you long to respond to each of your clients right now.

Or, maybe setting up Automations will be a “time sink,” and you’d rather focus on other parts of your business.

When we set out to build Automations, we did not think this would be an “Absolute Must-Have” for all of our Members. This is similar to our reasoning behind the Startup and Pro versions of Service Autopilot.

Why it Might Make Sense to Wait

When you sign up for Automations, you will have to invest two things:

Your time.
The price of the Pro Plus Membership.
In our mind, the price is not the deciding factor. Automations will easily make back the money you invest. We are so certain that every dollar you spend on Automations, you will get back… and more.

But there is a real concern that you may not have the time to deal with Automations right now.

If you are just starting your season….

If you don’t have any time to be in the office right now to learn Automations...

Put this off. Put it off until the summer, or next year, or whenever you’re ready.

From Our Research, Many People Were Under-utilizing their Automation System

Back when we were first researching Automations, we did a ton of research on other Automation systems.

Most of these were (and still are) primarily “email automation” systems. These are not cheap systems. They started around $200 per month.

What we found was that many people were barely using their systems.

They were essentially only using the smallest parts. Yet, these parts could easily be found in other, much cheaper systems.

In some cases, they could’ve gotten away with free email marketing systems.

We Want to See You Win

We want to see you win - as much as possible - with Automations. In our mind, you will want to use multiple Automations for every part of your business.

If you are not ready, we would rather you wait until you have time to get familiar with Automations.

That way, when you come back, you implement multiple automations, and you win.

We will be here, ready to help you.

Other Options for Your Business

I’m going to be honest.

We are not the only system out there that can automate parts of your business. If you’re not totally sold on Automations, I encourage you to go look at those other solutions:

Salesforce (the top-tier subscription)
If you’re not sure about Automations, I suggest you look around and see what’s right for your company. Hopefully it’s Service Autopilot, but we don’t want you to spend money on us if we’re not going to be your best option for making money.

You’ll find that some of these systems have more functionality than we have (at least for now)… but we have a lot of advantages over them.

Our biggest advantage is that we connect with every part of your business. You’re already using Service Autopilot; get more out of it.

Automations is the Future of Service Autopilot.

This was our vision from the start. Seven years ago, it was too ambitious for us. We had to focus on getting the core product up to speed.

But now, our Automations team is going full speed.

We have invested so much into this team because it is so critical to the future of our Members’ - and to the future of this industry.

We highly recommend you check out Mike Callahan’s services over at SimpleGrowth.

Mike Callahan is one of Service Autopilot’s “Certified Advisors.” He is:

fully trained,
helping 100+ companies like yours with Automations,
And he was instrumental in helping us design and determine the feature set of the final iterations of Automations.

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