When: Oct. 5-6.

Where: Rochester, NY.

Join us for a free 2-day workshop and learn how to use Service Autopilot’s Automations to effortlessly create UPSELLS in your business.

Don’t limit yourself to only 3 months of growth per year.

For most companies in the industry, 99% of yearly work is sold in the first 3 months. That puts a lot of pressure on you to retain every single client just to keep up with your budget – even the least profitable ones.

So what happens when you lose a big account mid-season? What about two or three?

How can you keep cash flowing through the business at a healthy rate? Most importantly, how do you generate new revenue mid-season so that your growth isn’t limited to the first 3 months of every year?

The answer is “upsells.”

Your best opportunity for new revenue is with your most satisfied customers. When you can give them the results that they want, they will be happy to pay you for more.

You just have to ask!

At this free regional training workshop we will teach you how to:

  • Write upsell emails, texts and letters that are proven to work.
  • Implement an effective strategy for selling new work without acquiring ANY new clients.
  • Create Forms and Automations in Service Autopilot that will execute this entire strategy for you.

This is not a motivational speech event!

We are getting straight to work on day 1 and by the end of the workshop you will have created an Automation that will start selling for you NOW.

Don’t worry if you are not currently participating in the Automations beta.

This is your invite.

Every attendee will immediately be entered into the Automations beta testing group. Again, our goal is for you to leave with a fully functioning Automation to start upselling work to your clients.


Day 1 (10/5) – Thursday


  • 1 PM – Start (We know you will need to get your crews out the door that morning).
  • Jonathan Pototschnik (Service Autopilot, SA Academy, CitiTurf, Lawn Care Millionaire) will spend the afternoon laying out the strategy which has generated millions of dollars in revenue for his businesses and for those he coaches.
  • FREE DINNER AND DRINKS (yes, it’s on us!)

Day 2 (10/6) – Friday


  • 9 AM – Start
  • We will turn on your Automations module.
  • Draft an upsell email campaign (the best email in the room gets a prize).
  • Service Autopilot training to implement your new campaign.
  • Learn the basics of Tags, Forms, and Automations.


Due to the hands-on nature of this event, we are limited to 30 seats. Only 1 seat per company will be allowed.

This is a sales and marketing workshop, so your main marketing team member, whether you or another person, should be the one to attend.

Register above to request an invitation to the workshop.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Presented By:

Jonathan Pototschnik
CEO and Co-Founder of Service Autopilot, CitiTurf and SA Academy.

Scott Howard
Service Autopilot Expert and Lead Trainer.

Mike Callahan
CEO and Founder – Callahan’s Lawn Care and Property Maintenance, Simple Growth

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