For five years Service Autopilot has worked with Authorize.Net.

However, because of the cost and lacking functionality, we suggest you consider
SA Payments or CardConnect as an alternative.

Why We Suggest Other Providers

One-Step Payment Processing

All transactions are fully integrated within your Service Autopilot software, eliminating double entry, human error and time consuming reconciliations. If you use QuickBooks, Service Autopilot automatically syncs your credit card transactions to QuickBooks.

Prevent data loss if you leave

Through the process of Tokenization your credit card numbers entered into Service Autopilot are automatically stored in the Authorize.net system. If you choose to leave Authorize.net they will not give you back your credit card numbers.

No credit card updates

Likewise, they will not tell us (Service Autopilot) the expiration date of the credit card. This makes it impossible for us to tell you when your customers credit card is about to expire.

Higher Rates

Authorize.Net charges an extra transaction fee of about 10 cents every time you charge a card. This additional ten-cent cost adds up over time. Based on our experience OpenEdge and CardConnect almost always beat the rates quoted by other processors.

Complicated Portal

The Authorize.net portal is more complicated to use than other similar processors.

Limited Customer Support

Historically Authorize.net has not provided outstanding customer service. However, as with all companies this could change as they refine their operational process.

Why We Recommend SA Payments for Credit Card Processing

Why Use Credit Card Processing

  • Improve cash flow and get paid faster. If you’re not accepting credit cards, you’re leaving money on the table. Once you start accepting credit cards, your ENTIRE payment process will be simplified. You’ll get paid much faster.
  • Instantly make more money. Sending invoices, processing checks, and making deposits require a lot of time and labor. Charging credit cards allows you to spend more time GROWING your business, and less time worrying about it.
  • Make it a pain-free process. We dedicated thousands of hours building credit card processing into the core of our software. That’s because we know just how much of a difference it can make to your bottom line. Our Client Payment Portal and embedded payment links make transitioning to credit cards simple, and we won’t charge fees to use credit card processing within our software. Plus, the merchant fees charged by your processor are EASILY outweighed by all the benefits of card processing!

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