5 Hidden ‘Tag’ Tricks that will Increase Your Client Retention


Tags are one of the most powerful tools in Service Autopilot

…they are also one of the most neglected features.

When you tag clients, you can filter them and target them easier for marketing campaigns. You can also use them to remember important information on your clients.

Use these quick Tagging tricks in Service Autopilot to impress your clients, and increase your client retention:

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The Best Way to Win Commercial Landscaping Contracts & Lawn Accounts

Picture this:

You’re in a large, open field.

The grass reaches almost up to your knees. An office building sits … maybe 300 feet from you. To most people, this overgrown lot smells like dirt and fresh air.

But to you, the landscaping pro, it smells like money.

This guide will show you how to win all the Commercial Landscaping Contracts you can handle:

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3 Proven Ways to Get Referrals for Your Landscaping or Lawn Care Businesses

Happy client referred to landscaper

The bad news?

Referrals can be the slowest way to gain new landscaping clients …

… at first.

The good news?

When your business does referrals right, you get a snowball effect.

Good referrals generate a constant stream of extremely high-quality leads from your pre-existing lawn care and landscaping clients.

This guide will bury you in an avalanche of profitable referrals:

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Great News for Training Webinar Attendees in 2017!

We have GREAT NEWS for training webinar attendees:

You no longer need to attend the introductory LIVE webinars to get credit for them. You can watch the recorded version, instead.

ALL of our previously recorded webinars are now available to watch online for credit.

Here’s how it works:

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How to Price Your Lawn Mowing Services the Right Way

Take off the training wheels

Whether you’re a new lawn care business owner or a perpetually small-time owner, you’re probably worried about how you’ve priced your services.

You want to know that your price is high enough that you can make money, but low enough so that you can be competitive in your market. This is like a walk on a razor’s edge: too much and you price yourself out, too little and there’s no profit.

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Lawn Care Owners: 8 Changes for a Richer 2017 [UPDATED]


“Happy New Year! Happy 2017! It’s time for a new you!”

Sick of hearing that yet?

If you are, then don’t read this post, because it will cover the eight changes in 2017 guaranteed to make you and your lawn care business have the richest year ever.

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[Jason Cupp] Hiring Webinar – Free Gift from Service Autopilot

Jason Cupp, Landscaping Consultant

‘Tis the season…

We held live Webinar a few months back with our friend, Jason Cupp called “Are Your Worst Employees Really Rockstars?”

Lots of you asked us if we could record it.

So we did. Now, maybe it doesn’t fit under a tree, but this is our holiday gift to you.

Watch the Webinar here, for free. 

What Will I get from this Webinar?

Two things:

  • Discover what makes your employees tick
  • Turn them into highly-motivated workers

Fed up with your worst employees? This Webinar will help you turn them around.

The goal is to understand what makes them want to work. With these strategies, your worst employees will become more productive, and more satisfied with their work.

Need more employees? Want to know how to hire the best of the best?

Check out our Ultimate Hiring Guide.

It’s guaranteed to solve almost any hiring problem, and rain buckets on your “hiring drought.”

Happy holidays from your friends at Service Autopilot!

How to Hire Your First Office Assistant


Hiring your first office assistant is a nail-biting experience.

You are about to pay someone who will never produce billable work.

You will never charge for their time.

Yet, if you want to scale your lawn care or landscaping business, you MUST hire the right employees. It feels risky, and many business owners put it off:

  1. “I can’t afford an Office Assistant.”
  2. “I’m better at answering calls than anyone else ever could be.”
  3. “I can do it myself if I just work harder.”

This post will show you why all of these concerns are ass-backwards – and how to hire the best Office Assistants.

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The End-of-Year Five by Five, 2016

The End of the Year As We Know It

Surely, you didn’t think I’d wear the same dress I wore last year! That old rag? I don’t think so. Not after everything that’s gone into getting through this year. If a newsletter ever deserved a new dress, this one does.

Well. Thanks, 2016. Personally, nationally, globally – way to make s*!t get real. This year felt a bit Darwinian: survival of the fittest. So, if you’re reading this, you deserve a drink or a new pair of shoes, a poleaxe or a puppy: whatever knocks your socks off. Even the Oscars were epically rough. Look what Leonardo DiCaprio had to go through for his eight and a half pounds of neutered, gold-plated metal!  There was a time when all Dustin Hoffman had to do was talk in a falsetto and walk in heels.

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Hire the Best Employees for Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Company


Who are the best lawn care and landscaping employees? They are:

  1. Professional.
  2. Experienced.
  3. Motivated and want to work for you.

So… how do you find them?

Here, we will uncover the greatest strategies and secrets Green Industry leaders use every year. This guide will pinpoint all of your hiring problems – and fix them.

No more “labor droughts.” No more bad hires. No more micro-management and stress headaches.

Get the kind of employees that 95% of other owners can only dream of:

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