Software That Streamlines Your Pool Service Business

With Service Autopilot You Can:

Get Instant Invoicing
Receive Same-Day Automated Payments
Create a Better Client Experience and more...

Generate Massive Profits for Your Pool Service Business

We’ve created the all-in-one software that helps you run your pool service business even more efficiently.

Sell more work with custom forms and built-in marketing tools, and go faster with Automations - the most powerful growth tool in the industry.

We’re here to help you put your success and continued growth on autopilot.

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Use These Tools to BOOST Your Profits

Schedule Jobs from Anywhere​

Quickly schedule your one-time and recurring jobs.

Instant Invoicing​

With one click, send fantastic-looking invoices and charge all cards at once. And with SA Payments, you can get it same-day.​

Smart Maps​

Automatically optimize your routes and find new leads.​

Client Account History

Keeping detailed Client Accounts in Service Autopilot is easy. Every Client Account has a history where you can view things like jobs, quotes, invoices, important notes, and before/after pictures.​

Win More Clients​

Build your estimate, auto-price your jobs based on your highest profits, and send - ALL within less than 5 minutes in Service Autopilot.​

Two-Way QuickBooks Sync​

Stop adding work for yourself with double data entry. Service Autopilot’s two-way sync automatically transfers and receives your QuickBooks data.

Asset & Chemical Tracking​

Keeping detailed Client Accounts in Service Autopilot is easy. Every Client Account has a history where you can view things like jobs, quotes, invoices, important notes, and before/after pictures.​

Get the App​

Keep your teams on-task by tracking your team’s footprints throughout the day in the Team App.​

Marketing Made SIMPLE​

You don’t have to be a pro at marketing to utilize our marketing features. Easily set up your marketing emails or two-way texts, and use our Automations to put it on autopilot!​

See Why Service Autopilot is THE BEST Pool Service Software!

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Is Service Autopilot 
Going To Work For You?

Service Autopilot has the power to DOUBLE the growth of your business in a year.

Automate and simplify your everyday tasks, so you can get back to the tasks that matter most—growing your business. So if you’re ready to SUPERCHARGE the growth of your pool service business, then you’re ready for Service Autopilot.

Field Service Software
Made For You

Service Autopilot was built by field service business owners who started with a few trucks and amassed over $10M+ dollars in their own business.

They saw a need for an all-in-one software that could not only streamline your daily operations but also grow your business 24/7.

You DESERVE field service software that you can count on for those moments you least expect.

  • Before I started using Service Autopilot, I would spend 2-3 hours a night setting up my routes for my crews. Now the same task takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

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One-Click Routing

One-Click Routing


Automatic Invoicing

Automatic Invoicing


In-House, Same-Day Payments

In-House, Same-Day Payments


Flexible Billing System

Flexible Billing System


Manage Job from Anywhere

Manage Job from Anywhere
(via desktop or Team App)



2-Way QuickBooks Sync

2-Way QuickBooks Sync



In-House Automations With “Unlimited” Features

In-House Automations With
“Unlimited” Features


Asset & Chemical Tracking

Asset & Chemical Tracking

Live Your Life On Autopilot

When you enter the world of Service Autopilot Automations, just about EVERY SINGLE time-consuming, annoyingly repetitive daily task can be done automatically for you (while also making you MORE MONEY). Automate things like estimate follow-ups, invoices, past due reminders, credit card updates, texts, email campaigns, and so much more. The list of possibilities is absolutely endless.

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Easy-To-Use Custom Forms

Access pre-built forms in the SA Marketplace, or create and customize your own forms. Our forms optimize your daily processes while also saving you time. You can even separate your residential and commercial clients by using the conditional logic feature. Plus, Service Autopilot will automatically update existing accounts.
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Bulk Invoicing & Same-Day Payments

SA Payments lets you bulk invoice all of your clients at once with only a few, quick clicks. Use the Filters and Tags feature to find unpaid clients, then invoice and charge them all in bulk. You can also input cash and check payments onto your Client Accounts as well.
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FAQs: Got questions about which is the best pool service management software?

If you’re ready to GROW and optimize your pool service business like never before, we’ll show you the advantages of using the right pool service software.

What is the best pool service management software?

If you’re looking for the best pool service management software, Service Autopilot is the answer.

Trusted by successful companies throughout the United States and Canada, Service Autopilot is the leading pool service management software that can help you grow your business, save time on operations, and maximize profits too.

Is Service Autopilot better than the Skimmer App?

Choosing the right pool service software is key to the continued success of your business. While the Skimmer App is popular, Service Autopilot is a leading option for a reason.

Not only can Service Autopilot help automate your pool business, but it can also help you with things like chemical tracking, staying organized, and winning more new business.

While Skimmer is only focused on pools, Service Autopilot is the trusted software used by all types of field service businesses. That means if you want to scale your business to offer other services in the future, it is very easy with Service Autopilot.

Furthermore, our customer service for pool cleaning service software is one of the best in the industry. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and our dedicated team is committed to your success.

And our pool maintenance software was designed to be quick and efficient so that you get Service Autopilot up and running FAST in your business. We even provide additional training opportunities (virtual and in-person) so that you can make the most of our pool service company software as soon as possible.

Is Service Autopilot a FREE pool service software?

While we are proud to be a leading pool scheduling service software, Service Autopilot isn’t free. But don’t worry, we have several different pricing plans, allowing you to customize the software and add-ons based on the specific needs of your pool service business.

This means our pool business software cost aligns with where you are as a business and can help you continue to scale faster and be even more successful.

If you want to see EXACTLY how Service Autopilot can help you grow your pool service business, just click here to book a free demo.

Can you help a pool office manager?

Yes! If you’re a pool office manager, Service Autopilot is the proven pool service software that will transform your business.

Here are just a few reasons why pool office managers choose Service Autopilot:

  • Easy routing employees on the road
  • Instant invoicing
  • Same-day automated payments from clients
  • Asset and chemical tracking
  • And so much more!

Is Service Autopilot a complete pool service software?

Service Autopilot is the complete software for your pool business. Simply put, within our platform you’ll find everything you need to run your pool service business with even more EFFICIENCY.

That means Service Autopilot is your all-in-one…

  • Pool service scheduling software
  • Pool service management software
  • Pool service dispatch software
  • Pool service billing software
  • Pool service accounting software
  • And so much more!

And yes, you can even use our pool service software QuickBooks integration, which will save you so much time and eliminate double entries!

It’s So Easy You Can START TODAY!

After you sign up for Service Autopilot, you’ll receive a Personal Launch Advisor who will ease you into the integration process. They’ll help you set up your account and walk you through the transition process step-by-step.

At Service Autopilot, we go the extra mile because we take pride in teaching our Members how to run healthy field service businesses that stand the tests of time.


See What's Coming in Service Autopilot!

Talk to a member of our team! We’ll show you exactly how
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Appointment Based