AZ Irrigation and Maintenance

Started using this software 5 years ago when I created this new landscape, lawn maintenance and irrigation business, AZ Irrigation & Maintenance.

We wanted to have a solid foundation for scaling up and this was the perfect solution. Before this I used four other software programs and nothing even compares to the ease of use and multitude of features Service Autopilot offers. One great example is our irrigation winterizing and spring turn on list. We have about 300 clients and it only takes an hour or so to sort them and schedule them for the appropriate day.

We never miss a client because we have them set up in a “package” that automatically generates the routing and jobs are broken out by neighborhood. As soon as the irrigation technician completes the job on their mobile, it generates an invoice and we have it sent out via email at the end of the day. Sometimes our clients get their invoices before they come home and realize the service has been completed. Just the time savings alone on this project is worth the Service Autopilot cost.  Before it would take 15 hours or so to organize the jobs and multiple hours just to enter and send out the invoices. Also, the techs can take pictures and leave notes for the office for repair follow ups that are attached to the job. Absolutely wonderful for repeat maintenance jobs and one time jobs.

We never miss any billing because the employees only go to places on their mobile schedules. It is a little cumbersome on large multi-day landscape projects. They do have a “Projects” option for these types of jobs. I even printed out the instructions on how to use it but it’s not as easy and intuitive as the rest of the software.

Brad Bippus
AZ Irrigation & Maintenance

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