Why CardConnect?

“We have been working closely with CardConnect for over three years. 100’s of our members depend on CardConnect. It’s a good partnership, as our members never have problems with CardConnect. They are rock solid and their rates are very competitive.”

- Jonathan Pototschnik (Service Autopilot CEO)

CardConnect Benefits

  1. Rates as low as 1.69%

    CardConnect often offers the most competitive rates available in the market.

  2. Next Day Funding Available

    Get your money fast. One of the biggest benefits of accepting credit cards is your ability to get paid faster and speed up cashflow. Many merchants hold your money for 3+ days. Ask CardConnect about next day funding.

  3. Fast & Easy Payment Processing

    All transactions are fully integrated within your Service Autopilot software, eliminating double entry, human error and time consuming reconciliations. If you use QuickBooks, Service Autopilot automatically syncs your credit card transactions to QuickBooks.

  4. Card on File & Recurring Payments

    CardConnect and Service Autopilot have a close working partnership. When you enter a client's credit card in Service Autopilot, it is automatically stored in the CardConnect's secure system. Doing so helps reduce your PCI Compliance efforts and costs.

  5. All-In-One Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

    Other merchants such as Authorize.net charge an extra monthly gateway fee and extra transaction fee. Not CardConnect. They are both your gateway and merchant thus saving you significant money over time. In addition to saving you money their all in one solution will eliminate the hassle of setting up a third-party gateway.

  6. No Setup or Annual Fees

    CardConnect charges some of the lowest fees in the industry.

  7. Tokenization

    CardConnect’s advanced PCI tokenization solution is specifically designed to keep stored cardholder data safe, protecting sensitive credit card account numbers and reducing the risk of compromised data. Protect stored data with “tokens,” or coded reference pointers, whether transmitted through point-of-sale terminals or online payment interfaces.

  8. PCI Certified and Compliant

    Service Autopilot utilizes CardConnects PCI tokenization solution to reduce your PCI scope and business liability while saving you money on costly annual PCI audits.

  9. Dedicated Relationship Management & A+ BBB Rating

    CardConnect prides themselves on personal high level customer service.

  10. 24/7 U.S. Customer Support

    Too busy to call during the middle of the workday? You can call when your schedule permits.

  11. Smart phone and Tablet Processing Solutions

    Coming Soon: From the Service Autopilot mobile app you will have the ability to swipe credit cards processed by your CardConnect merchant account.

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