7 Cleaning Services You Can Easily Upsell

Published on June 27, 2019

When you want to increase your revenue but don’t want to keep throwing wads of cash at finding new clients, then you should start finding cleaning services you can easily upsell.

By upselling your cleaning services, you’re simultaneously saving your cleaning business time and money.

Plus, your current clients are way more likely to purchase additional services from you than the leads you're going after.

The process of upselling cleaning clients is so much easier, once you know which services you’re going to upsell.

Here are 7 cleaning services you can start easily upsetting today:


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1. Furniture Cleaning

Everyone (and I mean everyone) has those pesky crumbs laying under their couch cushions that have been there from what seems like the dawn of time.

Furniture cleaning is a problem that most people have, but they don't think about it - making this a rather easy upsell.

Furniture cleaning can be customized for almost any need: from quick vacuuming under the couch cushions, to moving couches and chairs and going deep.

For instance, you could include a cleaning under the furniture or couch as well.

You can also include:

  • Cleaning throw pillows
  • Cleaning furniture pieces
  • Cleaning under furniture pieces
  • Removing stains from furniture
  • Cleaning and/or polishing tables

It’s a really customizable upsell that you can cater to each client.

Not only will the client get what they want, but you’ll have a few extra dollars in your pocket as well.

2. Refrigerator Cleaning

Refrigerator cleaning is another easy upsell, because we all have fridges with stains and freezers with expired leftovers from who-knows-when.

It’s an easy job… but it’s a job no one wants to do.

After all, clients don’t want to take out all of their food, wipe off the shelves, and organize the disarrayed mess they call a fridge.

As a bonus, you can also customize this cleaning service. You can offer them:

  • Fridge cleaning
  • Fridge sorting (throw away expired food and organize)
  • Freezer cleaning
  • Freezer sorting (throw away expired food and organize)
  • A deep clean of the outside of the fridge

Like all of these services, it’s important to remember that you can make it a regular service you do every month, semi-annually or annually.

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3. Window Cleaning

Window cleaning tends to be one of the last things homeowners think about cleaning.

You can offer indoor/outdoor window cleaning, window sill cleanings and window treatment cleanings (i.e. curtains, blinds, etc… ).

When you upsell this cleaning service, you can let the client can pick and choose which things they want done.

It’s a simple upsell where they can decide how often they want the service rendered (monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annually and so on).

Choose how you want to present this upsell to your clients, and try to make it as customizable as possible for your clients.

4. Deep Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that the average household carpet is 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat with about 200,000 bacteria per square inch?

For families with kids or pets, deep carpet cleaning is a big deal - especially in homes with crawling babies.

A clean carpet can contribute to health factors as well as just looking nice. This could be a major selling point for a lot of families.

You can offer a carpet steam cleaning, give them an option for stain removal, offer to clean under the furniture, or even offer a rug cleaning option.

Deep carpet cleaning is an easier upsell, because the vast majority of your clients won't have professional carpet cleaning lying around like you do.

Plus, their house won't truly look clean without a bright clean carpet to match it.

This service is great for delighting your clients.

Also, it makes them want to give you great reviews, because it totally changes the way their house looks.

Unlike the other services, this is a service they can’t do themselves.

After all, you have access to a professional carpet cleaner… and it’s very likely they don’t. Bank on that and sell it.

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5. Deep Tile Cleaning and Sealing

Tile cleaning: because a house isn’t clean until the floors are spotless!

While tile tends to be more sanitary than carpet, the tile grout still harbors bacteria it its pores.

You can customize this service by offering:

  • Deep tile steam cleaning
  • Deep grout steam cleaning
  • Grout touch-ups
  • Tile sealant.

Clean floors can contribute to many health factors, including bacteria and illnesses. This is a major pain point you can sell to your cleaning clients.

6. Individual Room Cleanings and Organization

No one (and I mean, NO ONE) wants to clean up after their kids.

Any parent will tell you it’s one of their least favorite parts of the house to clean.

This is a HUGE upsell benefit you can lean on. YOU get to be the breath of fresh air for your clients.

You can personalize this service by offering customizable packages:

  • Standard room cleaning (vacuum the carpet, make the bed and put the toys away)
  • Deep room cleaning (same as standard, PLUS: carpet stain removal, clean and remove stains from sheets)
  • Extreme room cleaning (same as deep room cleaning, PLUS: carpet steam cleaning and organizing drawers, closet and toys)

This is the perfect upsell for parents with young children, and you can sell this to them every time.

7. Deep Spring Cleaning Organization

This option is for those who want that intense spring cleaning - with the whole house turned upside down and cleaned from top to bottom.

Only, instead of wasting their spring break cleaning the house, they can simply pay you to do it.

It’s like an individual room cleaning/organization service… but on steroids.

While you can upsell this service from any time of year, it’s specifically beneficial for the spring.

After all, the kids are out of school for spring break, and parents are trying to prepare for the summer when the kids are about to be home. You can sell this service by zeroing in on this.

Customize this service by allowing them to choose which drawers, closets, pantries and rooms they want organized.

The clients should be able to tell you how they want everything organized and cleaned - and what they picture by the end of it.

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Upsell Your Cleaning Services Today!

It’s important to note that all of these cleaning services are 100% customizable for both your clients AND cleaning business.

In order to earn this cash flow consistently, all of these can be upsold to repeat every month, 6 months… every year… or whatever the client wants.

And if you need help tracking your upsells, Service Autopilot has an endless amount of automations to help you create upsell campaigns.

Upselling is important to increasing client retention and revenue growth. It’s also a great, quick way to grow your cleaning business.

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Originally published June 27, 2019 7:00 AM, updated March 16, 2021 2:14 PM

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