Get Paid Faster, Look More Advanced Than Your Competition & Eliminate Unnecessary Phone Calls To Your Office

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Below is a list of ways using the client portal will cost you nothing… it will essentially be free as using it will save you money (way more than the $19.97/mo investment you will make).

  • 1. Save office time & expense by reducing billing phone calls.
  • 2. Give your company the edge by appearing more professional.
  • 3. Get paid faster.
  • 4. Stop trading phone calls and chasing payments.
  • 5. Sell more work by letting clients request service via your website.

How To Make It FREE

It’s only $19.97/mo. Imagine if…

  • Just one person pays their bill that wouldn’t have.
  • Just one person requests a job they wouldn’t have otherwise requested because you made it so convenient. How many people think of things they need to do in the evenings but forget to call you the next day.
  • Your office team makes $14/hr… worse case, if you only save 2 hours per month the Portal is paid for.

credit card illustration

Your clients can…

  • Pay their invoice and or account balance via credit card from the Portal or from a link embedded in the invoice you send them with their invoice attached.
  • Keep their Credit Card on file.
  • Update their Credit Card. The portal includes functionality to verify the validity of the card before saving it. If you auto charge service rendered to your clients card Service Autopilot can prevent your client from deleting their card on file.
  • View their payment history and current account balance.
  • View and print their invoices.
  • Request work… which opens a ticket (to do) in your system.
  • Ask a question or report a problem… which opens a ticket (to do) in your system.
  • Update their account and contact information.
  • View unresolved / open issues.

Make Online Account Management Easy for You and Your Clients