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SA Payments: Get Built-in Credit Card Processing in Service Autopilot!


Why Should You Process Credit Cards?

Processing Credit Cards is the next level for any Service Business:

Get paid faster. Companies that don’t charge credit cards are leaving money on the table. Credit Cards allow you to process charges immediately, instead of floating your bills for 30, 60, or even 90 days.

Clients will spend more with YOU. Studies show that clients will spend up to 83% more when they are allowed to pay by credit card. Credit cards make it so much easier for your clients to say “YES!”

The simplest way to get paid. With SA Payments, credit card processing is built directly into Service Autopilot. Now, you can auto-update credit cards, charge invoices, and run payments all in one software.

How Credit Cards Boost Your Cash Flow

Go Faster & Get Paid Faster

Run credit cards immediately after a job is completed. Getting paid faster means more income-building growth for your company.

Customers Pay More

Studies show customers will spend 83% more if they can use a credit card.

No More Late Invoices

Credit cards minimize the hassle of chasing your payments, and drastically reduce collections.

Eliminate Wasted Time

Save time in the office by automating your invoice and payment processes with Automations.

"Intuit estimates each business that does not accept plastic misses out on approximately $7,000 in sales annually."


This is the Built-in Processor for Service Autopilot. This feature is powered by Clearent, a Credit Card Processor with years of experience in the Field Service Industry. They take a hard stance against hidden fees.

SA Payments allows you to:

Automatically update credit cards

Become Fully PCI Compliant and store Credit Cards on file
Eliminate wasted time in your office, and speed up your Cash Flow

If you’re looking for outstanding rates, paired with Service Autopilot’s quality customer service, look no further. SA Payments will boost your growth, and instantly make your life so much easier.


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Ready to Get SA Payments?

Service Autopilot has teamed up with Clearent, a leading payments company, to provide you with powerful payment technologies. Flexible and affordable, this fully integrated offering helps you efficiently accept payments and manage your field services business all in one place.

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Stop Chasing Your Money.

Dramatically reduce your Accounts Receivable and minimize the hassle of collecting your money.
Minimize the invoicing and eliminate the check cashing process.
Sending invoices, processing checks, collecting cash, and making deposits requires a lot of time and labor expense.
Charging credit cards simplifies every aspect of your business.
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