Bid Faster, Build Density, and Maximize Your Daily Routes.

Why Smart Maps?

If you’re wondering about whether or not you can afford to invest in our advanced mapping functionality, consider that using it will not only save you money but could also make you considerably more than your $47/month investment. Read on to find out how!

  1. Make your job easier. When you can see your data immediately on a map instead of having to interpret it from a report or a list, you simplify your decision-making.
  2. Discover hidden opportunities to build route density through targeted marketing.
  3. Ease your frustration around dispatching. Seeing, on a map, where you have pending work, how much it is worth, and how long it will take, makes it easy to quickly organize your Technicians’ and your Crews’ days.
  4. Reduce your work load by a few hours. Use the Map to Bulk Schedule, create To Do’s, assign Calls, set Tags, send marketing email, and more.
  5. Stop being disappointed by lost bids that you should have won but didn't because a competitor beat you to the quote.

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4 Essential Tools for Your Business

Online Property Measurements

  • Measure the square footage and linear footage of any property online.

  • Label and color-code measurements that you can save and retrieve at any time.

  • Quickly save measurements to Custom Fields for use with the Rate Matrix and the Estimating System.

  • Set the latitude and longitude of any property via drag and drop from the Map.

Yield Maximizer

  • Construct routes visually based on target dollars per day and budgeted hours.

  • Grab work off the waiting list based on geography, dollar value, and estimated production time.

  • Mass update your assigned Technician or Crew, your scheduled date, and more.

Understand Your Business and Target Your Best Prospects

  • Map Clients, Former Clients, and Leads based on more than 6,400 filter combinations.

  • Quickly turn your Client's neighbors into Leads directly from the Map.

Route Optimization & Maps by Google

  • Generate, from your Dispatch Board, an optimized route for each Technician or Crew, containing up to 25 points.
  • See your Service Autopilot Maps as Google Maps.
  • Get your driving directions from Google.
  • View your properties and directions with high-resolution street view imagery from Google.

How To Make It FREE

Save or make more than you invest per month on your subscription and you have made it effectively FREE.

  • Could you twice per month use the online measurements to eliminate the need and expense of rolling a truck to provide an onsite estimate?
  • Could you once per month pull up your automatically-saved past site measurements in an instant to quickly quote a job before your competitor has a chance to take it from you?
  • Could you reactivate Former Clients or improve sales to existing Clients by even one or two jobs per year because you were able to see your data in new ways, allowing you to make savvy marketing decisions?
  • Could you save three or four man-hours per month by constructing more efficient routes?

Answering “Yes” to even one of the above questions will save or make you that $47/month investment back and, in most cases, exceed that. Answering “Yes” to more than one? Well, that is, as they say, gravy.

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Smart Maps is designed Maximize the $ Value of Your Daily Routes and Understand Your Business Like Never Before