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I have worked in the cleaning industry for over 20 years. In that time, I spent 15 years cleaning schools and about 5 years in the office cleaning sector.

Over this long period, I have learnt the many aspects of cleaning and the challenges that often arise within day-to-day cleaning. In my daily work, I sometimes need to also carry out small repairs and other handyman tasks.

Part of my learning has been to obtain the relevant Certificates in cleaning and I am forever learning about the best methods of cleaning, customer relationships and to develop a high level of business skills. I am also very interested in Green Cleaning and Business Ethics.

Part of this learning is also by keeping abreast of industry standards and new procedural methods of cleaning as discussed in books and INCLEAN, the Australian bi-monthly magazine targeted to the cleaning industry.

Service Autopilot is software that will help you grow - and automate - your service business. From Lawn Care, to Snow Removal, to Cleaning, we help owners learn how to run healthier, more profitable businesses, and give them the tools to win in their markets.

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