Why We Recommend OpenEdge

11 Reasons To Switch

  1. One-Step Payment Processing

    All transactions are fully integrated within your Service Autopilot software, eliminating double entry, human error and time consuming reconciliations. If you use QuickBooks, Service Autopilot automatically syncs your credit card transactions to QuickBooks.

  2. Card on File & Recurring Payments

    OpenEdge and Service Autopilot have a close working partnership. When you enter a client's credit card in Service Autopilot, it is automatically stored in the OpenEdge vault. Doing so helps reduce your PCI Compliance efforts and costs.

  3. Your Data is Your Data

    If for any reason, at any time, you want to move your stored card numbers out of the OpenEdge vault, no problem. A simple utility allows you to transfer those card numbers with no cost to you.

  4. Decline Minimizer

    On a nightly basis, OpenEdge will automatically update lost, stolen or expired cards stored via Service Autopilot within the OpenEdge data vault to ensure that you receive more approvals for your recurring payments. A recent study has shown companies utilizing Decline Minimizer experience up to a 66% percent reduction in declined credit card transactions.

  5. Secure Swiped Mobile Payments

    Allows you to accept credit cards (swipe or manually key) while in the field using the Service Autopilot mobile app on your smart phone or tablet.

  6. Minimal PCI Compliance Paperwork

    All credit card merchants require you to complete an annual security audit to ensure PCI compliance. OpenEdge’s partnership with Trustwave eliminates the hassle you experience with other merchants by making the process easy. In addition, you will receive a fast network scan to make sure your company isn't at risk.

  7. OpenEdge FraudWatch

    OpenEdge has saved their customers over $21 million in losses in the past four years.

  8. $200,000 Breach Reimbursement Guarantee

    Find out more at www.paypros.com/ds/merch.asp.

  9. OpenEdge Customer Care & GreenLight Fast Start

    Dedicated OpenEdge experts are available by phone, email and online 24/7/365. OpenEdge's GreenLight process will have you up and running fast with minimal effort on your part.

  10. Account Analysis with Price Guarantee

    OpenEdge pricing experts have analyzed thousands of merchant accounts! OpenEdge will match your current rates or any other published offer you have in hand or you will receive a $50 gift card.*

  11. Bonus! Deep Integration

    (Coming Soon) Void, Refund, Deposit and Reconcile transactions directly from within Service Autopilot without the need to log in to OpenEdge.

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