Why You Should Upgrade to the Pro Membership

How to Upgrade? Login to your Service Autopilot Account. Hover over your portrait icon in the top right navigation bar and select My Account to find the Pro Membership Upgrade.

email blast upsell screenshot

Sell More with Email Blasts

Send monthly upsale offers (specials, discounts & promotions).

Access all of your client and lead information from anywhere.

Send educational customer service messages (Don’t forget to change your air filters this month – please call if we can be of assistance).

Save Time with Advanced Estimating

Send your estimates on time by drastically reducing the time it takes to generate and send an estimate using estimate templates.

Increase your win rate by allowing your prospects to accept estimates online without calling you.

Use the Price Matrix to automatically price work when generating an estimate.

document template screenshot

Actually Get It Done with Document Templates

You write the same type of email all the time… collections, responding to customer service issues, offering to help a client with a service…use document templates to save hours of wasted time.

If all you had to do is click three buttons to send a collections email or letter how much more money would you collect?

Additional ideas… prewrite an email message asking for a review, or saying today when we were at your home we noticed (& attach a picture), etc.

Stop Forgetting with To Dos & Calls

Stop forgetting to call back clients, inspect a property, talk to your tech about a problem).

The better your customer service the more you can charge. Document all of your client communication and deliver exceptional service.

If you forget to do 1 job worth $100 – you just lost $100 – when asked to do something add a to do on your mobile in the field.

to do notes screenshot
non-billable time tracking screenshot

Find Lost Profit with Non Billable Time Tracking

If you bill $50 an hour when you recover an hour of wasted time you make nearly $50 in profit. You were already paying your techs for the hour but now it’s a billable hour. Your profit is trapped in wasted non-billable time.