2020 Service Autopilot Virtual Summit

Minimize Drive Time & Maximize Profits

Get truly optimized routes with Track Road and Microsoft MapPoint Integration.

Scheduling Routes on Map

Group Stops vs Route Optimization

Group Stops is a straight-line optimization that routes based on the shortest distance. Route Optimization is a true optimization that follows the road system.  Benefits Include:

Why do we charge extra for the Route Optimization feature?

Service Autopilot pays Track Road on your behalf every time you use the optimization. As a result, we pass our cost back to you.

# of Optimizations


$0.15 ea.


$0.12 ea.


$0.10 ea.

Note: Microsoft discontinued MapPoint on 12/31/2014. Existing versions work but there will be no further software or map updates to the product.


Make your office days easier… and FASTER. Get precise mapping data without having to do all the legwork. Imagine routing every job within seconds… or calculating estimates from the comfort of your office… or even turning your client’s neighbors into leads! Just point, click, and map!

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Do You Have A Question About Route Optimization? We’re Here To Help!

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