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Service Autopilot includes Six Ways to Route Jobs:

  • Manually - Enter route order as a number (10, 20, 30, etc).

  • Manually From Map - From map click on jobs to set order.

  • Group Stops – Straight line as crow flies optimization.

  • Optimize Route – Uses the road system to optimize route.

  • Master Route – entire client base pre-routed.

  • Microsoft MapPoint – Microsoft’s route optimization program.

The Optimize Route feature is the only routing feature that requires an extra charge.

Why do we charge extra for the Route Optimization feature?

The Optimize Route feature utilizes Track Road ( to generate your routes. Service Autopilot pays Track Road on your behalf every time you use the optimization. As a result, we pass our cost back to you.

In the future, Service Autopilot will offer alternative routing integrations through additional 3rd party companies.

What is the difference between Group Stops and Route Optimization?

Group Stops is a straight-line optimization that routes based on the shortest distance. Route Optimization is a true optimization that follows the road system.

In the above example the red line represents Group Stops and the blue line represents Route Optimization.

For dense routes with numerous stops in close proximity of each other Route Optimization will return a far more accurate route.

Note: Microsoft discontinued MapPoint on 12/31/2014. Existing versions work but there will be no further software or map updates to the product.

Route Optimization

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