Snow Email Series: Win-Back Campaign Bundle

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Unleash amazing success and get clients to renew/add contracts next snow season with this win-back email series for snow removal businesses!
We recommend using these email templates a few months before your snow season typically begins. It’s important to use emails to get back clients you had from the previous snow season, or if you have lawn care clients you’d like to convert into snow clients!
Use your new snow win-back email bundle to:
Get ahead of the competition
Quickly get clients to renew their contracts
Become the leading snow and ice management provider in your area
Decrease spending on lead acquisition with the need for less new clients
Initiate an open stream of communication with last season’s clients, or with existing lawn care clients
Get last year’s clients to renew their contracts today, or get lawn care clients to purchase snow services, with your new snow win-back email series.
By the way, did you know you can automate your email campaign using Service Autopilot’s automations? Simply set it, forget it, and let automations work 24/7 for your snow removal business!
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