How to Export Lists from Service Autopilot

Published on November 9, 2015

Usually when you're using Service Autopilot, you're worried about putting data INTO the system. However, there are a few situations where you might need to export lists of data OUT of Service Autopilot, so you can give data to a third party without giving them access to your account.

Exporting lists from Service Autopilot is an advanced feature, so we've made a guide to make it easy on you. You can read it here, now.

Service Autopilot's Exporting Feature is turned OFF by default.


Imagine you have a disgruntled employee who has access to your Service Autopilot account. If they were able to extract information from account such as client lists, they could really do some damage to your reputation. Disgruntled employees might

  • Cripple your marketing efforts by spamming your clients with email
  • Tarnish your reputation by sending out disrespectful messages
  • Sell your client list to a competitor

That last one can really hurt. Unfortunately, angry employees have a history of damaging their companies, so it's important you protect yourself. Segment your office staff, so that no single employee has control over all of your data, make sure your employees are using separate login information (stop sharing passwords!) and when an employee leaves, make sure you remove them from your Service Autopilot system.

How to Export Lists from Service Autopilot

Great, now that we've discussed a few data safety measures, let's get to work. Chris Sims has recorded a step-by-step video to teach you how to export lists from Service Autopilot:

When would you want to export lists?

Maybe you've got a subcontractor that needs to see the services you need them to complete next week. Or, let's say, you need to send a list of clients locations to a marketer. Exporting lists is also a great way to deal with your accountant, if they ever need to see your invoices and other numbers.

When you're working with a third party, you probably don't want to give them access to your Service Autopilot system. So, you export a list, put it into a program like Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets and you're good to go.

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