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Wellspring Landscapes | Service Autopilot Review

Published on December 19, 2016

It is impossible to describe all the benefits we have experienced since switching to Service Autopilot in one review. I was very hesitant to make the switch at first and tried to ease into the transition over several months

My advice to anyone new to SAP is to make the transition quickly and completely. It is not nearly as daunting as it seems. We went from having inconsistent and error prone invoices to being invoicing experts almost over night. Our invoicing time went from about 60 hours a month to 5 minutes and we never have an error! Our time spent scheduling was reduced similarly.

Perhaps the biggest change in our company was a reduction in stress level. While difficult to quantify in dollars it is easy to see in the faces of our employees. SAP pays for itself 10x over every month. The customer service is 5 star as well and I am always amazed how hands on Jonathan can be while operating multiple companies. There are new automations coming too and they should revolutionize our customer service and marketing functions. You would be crazy not to use them!

Kirk Slack
Wellspring Landscapes

Stephen Zink

Stephen is a full-time graphic designer at Service Autopilot. He works on various marketing materials in both print and digital media. His passions outside of design include going fly fishing, playing video games and motorsports racing.