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NEW 3rd RELEASE Details!

Release Roadmap

Introducing Version 3: the most powerful version of Service Autopilot.

Discover our newest game-changing features in 2020.


A Message from Our Founders:

We know how important time and money are to you.

That’s why, over the coming months, each V3 release will give you a more simplified, consistent Service Autopilot. You’ll see streamlined workflows that just make sense. V3 is focused on the people who use our software. The logic you’ll see unveiled adds a more human, intuitive dynamic to the system. You’ll begin to move flawlessly from screen to screen because every screen adheres to the same design principles.

And because we know that you can’t take a massive chunk of time out of your business to learn a new system, we’re giving you this system upgrade in bite-sized releases. This grants you the ability to familiarize yourself with each component little by little, and truly maximize its value.

You’ll also be able to run both V2 and V3 side-by-side, with the ability to toggle between versions whenever you want.

Our training team is hard at work creating new videos and guides for V3. As more of these learning materials become available, this site will keep getting updated. Our goal is to make this transition as seamless and valuable to your business as possible.


John Caldwell and Jonathan Pototschnik
- Co-Founders, Service Autopilot


Time-Saving Communications

Here’s the full potential of R3:

In Release 3, we’re re-imagining the Mobile App and Ticket Migration! The way you use Service Autopilot is more efficient and streamlined than ever before.

Ticket Migration streamlines all of your communication
Mobile App update with advanced Ticket features

Ticketing System

The NEW Ticketing System will replace all of your To Do’s. This virtual communication hub now tracks and ties together emails, notes, events, jobs, and estimates pertaining to one particular topic in one convenient place.
Use Ticket statuses to track clients. Choose between statuses like open, on hold, pending, and closed. You can even see employee avatars to find out who’s viewed the ticket.

Tie Topics Together with the New Tickets

Our new "Tickets" is an exciting next level feature that’s going to revolutionize the way you interact with your leads and clients within Service Autopilot.

Tickets will be fully replacing your To Do's. Unlike other areas of the software, there won't be a V2/V3 toggle for To Do's. Since R3 is a massive update with advanced new features, you'll be able to immediately begin using the new V3 version of Tickets. You'll see this change implemented on release day.

Preparing Your Mobile Apps for Tickets

This Mobile App update will change the way you interact with Service Autopilot because it simultaneously streamlines all of your client communications in a single place.

Upon release of R3, the new app versions (Service Autopilot app and SA Team app) will sync with our new Tickets feature! Now all of your client interactions will be connected to your client accounts.

The new apps are out now in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Please update your apps now across all your devices as the older versions of the apps will not work once R3 is released.

Get happier clients. Grow a healthier business. Service Autopilot is your one software for everything.

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Get a Jumpstart on V3 Training

Our training team has put together extensive documentation and video training for V3. For all documentation, log in to Service Autopilot. You’ll find all the documents here: HELP -> Knowledge Base -> Search for “V3”

You can find our videos here:

Stay tuned for more training videos. We’ll upload them here, and to our Service Autopilot YouTube channel as they go live.

2nd Release

Streamlined Workflows

Here’s the full potential of R2:

In Release 2, we’re streamlining workflows! The way you interact with Leads, Clients, Contracts, and Jobs have all been re-imagined. You’ll move from section to section with ease, giving a more natural, more efficient workflow.

NEW, simplified Account Lists eliminate clutter
A more intuitive, user-friendly Account Screen
NEW Installment Plans let you easily bill in pre-set, seasonal, or monthly amounts
Form Responses are easier to navigate
NEW Team App setting lets you require Before-and-After Photos


Simplified Account Lists

To simplify your Accounts, Leads and Clients are in separate lists. Instead of creating a new Account when your client converts, you simply change their status to “Client”.

Until they’re reworked for V3, the Bulk Edit and Bulk Schedule options aren’t available yet. You can still switch back to V2 to use them.

A More Intuitive Account Screen

The new Account Screen shortens the steps you take to make an action. To make it easier to find the information you need, all of your Account Activity is in one place. You’ll see things like completed Visits, Payments, Invoices, and Milestones.

Take a look at some of the major changes:

The Activity Stream allows you to easily find what you’re looking for by using the search bar or filter checkboxes.
To quickly see what you need, all of your most important Account Information is at the top of the screen. And so you don’t have to go to another page, you’ll find Jobs, Billing Info, and Installment Plans here too.
Quickly edit your Accounts with all of your primary Actions and items now added to the left side menu.
Search for things like Tags, Custom Fields, Related Accounts, and Marketing Preferences, on the same page.
Property Information is now on a separate screen, which gives you the added feature of transferring an Account to another Property.

NEW Jobs & Visits

Jobs Reworked

To help eliminate the confusion between Master Jobs and Jobs in V2, we’ve changed their names in V3. Now, they’re called Jobs and Visits! This means a Package Job has multiple Visits.

Simplified Job Creation

The updated process for Creating Jobs is way more streamlined and easy-to-use than ever before in Service Autopilot. We've also introduced a new three-step Job Creation Wizard to help you get familiar with the new workflow!

Take a look at some of the biggest improvements:

In Release 2, One Time Jobs and Waiting List Jobs are now the same. Every One Time Job will be created as a Waiting List Job, but it’ll be scheduled on a specific date. This means that any One Time Job can be sent back to the Waiting List.
We got rid of the confusion between Master Jobs and Jobs by renaming all Recurring Jobs and Package Jobs as Repeat Jobs. This means the individual occurrences of services are called Visits, and the master-level jobs are called Jobs.
Customize your Invoice Settings! In the 3rd step with the Job Wizard, you’ll select when your job will Invoice (daily, weekly, or monthly).

V3 Accounting Changes

NEW Installment Plans are upgrading the old Contracts feature. Now, you can choose to invoice based on preset monthly amounts, instead of completed Jobs.

Take a look at some of the enhanced functionalities:

In Release 2, you can create Multiple Line Items for each Installment Plan Invoice. This means you can now designate funds to different Accounts for Accounting purposes.
Now, the Print Settings for the Installment Plan Invoices are located within the Installment Plan. This allows you to specify which Line Items you need to appear on the Invoices.
Installment Plan Overages are set at the Job Level, so you’ll generate more accurate Account Reporting.

V2 Contracts will NOT automatically convert to Installment Plans, but there will be an option to convert existing Contracts to Installment Plans.

V3 Forms Changes

Easily fetch the data that’s important for optimizing your growth strategies with the relocation of V3 Form responses. Now, your client’s V3 Form responses can be found in the Activity Stream within the Account Screen. You can also print your Form responses.

Email Form Responses
Fill out V3 Forms on the V3 Account Review and Visit Review Screens. This is similar to the V2 “Form Options” publishing (in the Client View and V2 Job Occurrence Overlay).

Team App Update: Before & After Photos

Similar to the Legacy Mobile App, you can now require Team users to add Before-and-After Photos in the Team App.

Now your teams will never forget to add another photo, and your clients will see the progress you’ve made.

Get happier clients. Grow a healthier business. Service Autopilot is your one software for everything.

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1st Release

Core Enhancements

Introducing… V3 Forms

For SA V3, we have completely re-imagined Forms. V3 Forms will streamline your processes while saving you more time than you thought possible.

Create new forms quickly and easily.
Build multi-page forms. 
Use conditional logic to put users down unique paths. (Example: create two paths in forms – one for residential and one for commercial.)
Automatically update exsiting accounts.
Your supercharged V3 Forms will run side-by-side with V2 Forms. That means you will still be able to utilize all of your existing forms. The only caveat? V2 Forms will not be compatible with the new V3 Forms. So if you’re thinking about pulling an old form into the new Form Builder, you’ll have to rebuild the form in V3 instead.

New Team App Functionality

With R1 comes new functionality for the Mobile Team App. The new, high-powered version of Forms will be accessible on the app. Select available forms and make changes to an account while in the field. Changes are immediately pushed to your main office account – no double entry needed.

Need to make changes on a form from the office for immediate use in the field? No problem. Make a change in your main account, and the changes will be immediately pushed to the forms in the Team App.

In addition, employees will be able to add Services and Products to a client’s account via the app. Add a visit, additional products, and change quantities – all in the Team App.

Accounting Re-imagined


A re-imagined Invoice section provides a much cleaner, streamlined user interface. You’ll notice that the Invoice Number has been pulled into a more convenient location. We’ve also provided ample prebuilt commonly used filters, plus the ability to build your own filters. Easily drag and drop, sort, and edit columns to match the view you desire. 

Infinite scrolling allows you to continuously browse your list of invoices without having to click from page to page.

Our new Actions section delivers supreme power with one click – putting your most used functions all within easy reach. New icons make each tool easily distinguishable at a glance. 

The usage of color will be even more important within SA V3. For example, Blue Text will always represent a clickable link. Click the name of an account, and you’ll be taken to that account. Click on the invoice # and you’ll be taken to the invoice review overlay where you’ll find your most important actions at your fingertips.

Payments & Checks

Payments and Checks get a fresh look with overlays that cleanly show all your pertinent details. Review your payments, and you’ll see all the invoices that have been applied to that payment. (Checks are a QBO-only feature.)

Crediting and Funding Made Easy

Refunding and issuing credit can be a bit complex in V2. With the advent of V3, we want you to make as few clicks as possible, so we’ve simplified the workflow. We’ve taken all the complexity of this process and moved it to the background.

And Beyond...

As we mentioned at the top of this site, V3 is an evolving upgrade that begins its rollout early 2020 and continues throughout the year. As each additional release is ready, we’ll notify you of upcoming features through this site, emails, your SA MyDay banner, and our Facebook Member Group.

Grow Your Business... Faster (and with Less Stress)

Get happier clients. Grow a healthier business. Service Autopilot is your one software for everything.

Create new forms quickly and easily.
Better scheduling
Manage your clients and employees all in one system