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Best Cleaning Business Software to Soar Profits

Published on August 31, 2023

Finding the best cleaning business software to soar profits might seem like a challenge.

After all, the best cleaning business software needs to be robust to streamline daily operations:

  • Minimize disruptions to operations with a complete, in-house CRM
  • Boost profits with a next-level reports center and two-way QuickBooks sync
  • Create rapid, professional, on-the-go quotes
  • Totally automate marketing campaigns with limitless, in-house automations
  • Speed up your cash flow with same-day, built-in, secure automated payments
  • Get your daily needs met with a dedicated, eager support and launch team
  • Gain exclusive access to industry coaches and world-renowned experts

When you choose the best cleaning business software, you don’t have to make compromises in capabilities.

Don’t allow a subpar software to bottleneck your business with limited, third-party integrations you’ve outgrown.

By the end of this article, you’ll discover why Service Autopilot is the best cleaning business software to soar your profits to newfound heights.

1. Complete, In-House CRM Software

With the best cleaning business software, you’ll have access to a complete, in-house CRM (i.e. customer relationship management) software:

  • Bulk invoicing for quicker daily operations
  • Easy accounting with two-way QuickBooks sync
  • Manage client accounts and job notes from anywhere

Instead of settling for a CRM that falls short of your daily needs, you can choose the best cleaning business software to STREAMLINE operations.

Service Autopilot allows you to:

In addition, the #1 CSM allows you to use remotely accessible accounts and job notes to minimize missed notes and errors in order to deliver the most excellent client experience.

2. Next-Level Reports Center and Two-Ways QuickBooks Sync

Using Service Autopilot’s reports center and QuickBooks two-way sync, you can:

  • Find and fix profit holes in your business to maximize profits
  • Seamlessly connect your SA account to QuickBooks (and vice versa)

Remember, accounting doesn’t have to be a grueling process with broken QuickBooks syncing.

When you use Service Autopilot’s reporting features, accounting can be an EASY, painless process.

3. Totally Customizable On-the-Go Quotes

When you choose the best cleaning business software, you’ll be able to:

  • Rapidly generate quotes from anywhere
  • Choose from a list of custom forms to meet a variety of quoting needs
  • Provide quotes over the phone using Smart Maps’ home/building measurement feature

Plus, Service Autopilot allows you to win more clients by sending professional quotes faster than the competition.

4. Limitless, In-House Automations and Marketplace

One of the best ways to increase conversions is by funneling leads who don’t immediately accept quotes into a campaign.

When you take advantage of Service Autopilot’s limitless, in-house automations and marketplace, you can build your own automation or select one from our marketplace:

  • Customize the contents to create your own workflows
  • Set workflows to automatically send emails, texts, assign To Do’s, and more

Take a look at how automations work:

  • Create a series of tasks within a workflow that are set to run automatically
  • The workflow’s actions are based on how clients respond
  • Save countless hours and increase conversions with your new automation

In addition, you can automate:

  • Reports
  • Surveys
  • Welcome clients
  • Upsell campaigns
  • Service reminders
  • Past due reminders
  • Estimate follow-ups
  • To Do’s for your team

Don’t settle for limited, third-party integrations.

Instead, the best cleaning business software has automations that allow you to seamlessly maintain engaged contact with leads and clients. Then, optimize your campaigns by tracking results.

Automations is the  #1 way to follow up  with clients. If you’re not using it, your business might still be successful - but it won’t grow. 

Start Automations Tour

In Service Autopilot, our automations send emails and texts to:​

Every lead after an estimate is completed
Clients after their property has been serviced​
Remind leads and clients to send you customer feedback​
Update outdated or declined payment information​
Inform them when a service can’t be completed due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. weather)​
Remind them of maintenance tips (i.e. putting a cover on the outdoor faucet before the winter)​
Start Automations Tour

5. Same-Day, Built-In, Secure, Automated Payments

The best cleaning business software has same-day, built-in, secure, automated payments—totally eliminating the need for a client portal.

Plus, instantly speed up your cash flow with SA payments.

With the best cleaning business software, you can get rid of:

  • Late payments
  • Long processing times
  • Outdated mobile card readers

Additionally, studies have shown clients will spend up to 83% more when paying with credit card versus cash.

With SA Payments, you can:

  • Get automatically updated credit cards
  • Become fully PCI Compliant—allowing you to store credit cards on file
  • Eliminate wasted time in your office—instantly speeding up your cash flow

6. Get a Dedicated Support and Launch Team Who Are Eager to Help

Take Advantage of Our AMAZING Customer Success Team

Many cleaning businesses have told us that not having the support (when you need it most) can put your businesses in a tough spot—potentially costing you clients.

When you trust Service Autopilot, you’ll always get amazing support.

These are a few of the many ways our AMAZING customer success team helps members:

  • 91% chat satisfaction rate
  • 88% phone satisfaction rate
  • Average response time is 2 minutes or less
  • 85% of support cases are resolved within a single touchpoint

Use Service Autopilot’s Excellent Onboarding to Get Running FAST

Some businesses have told us that it can be really tough to get set up with other software.

Service Autopilot is the best cleaning business software because we have an entire onboarding team who’s dedicated to getting your business up and running FAST.

After choosing Service Autopilot, our onboarding team will show you EXACTLY how our software works so you can get set up ASAP.

7. Gain Exclusive Access to Coaches and World-Renowned Experts

If you’re looking for the proven strategies for GROWTH and support in your business, then you’ll love Service Autopilot’s Field Services Academy!

Take part in our exclusive community for business coaching as well as the opportunity to learn from other successful businesses.

In addition, every year, we host a Biggest Badass competition for our Field Services Academy members. Take a look at our 2022 Biggest Badass winner!

When you join Field Services Academy, you’ll get:

  • Trusted partners to help delegate daily tasks
  • Invites to in-person events with hands-on sessions
  • An online social group to connect with other business owners
  • World-class coaches like the team at Grant Cardone Enterprises
  • A growing content library with courses taught by industry experts
  • Live coaching webinars on topics like hiring, marketing, and growth

Access Coaching from Grant Cardone Enterprises and Other Leading Industry Experts

We hand select world-class coaches to help you discover transformational skills and strategies to level up your business.

For this reason, we’ve added Grant Cardone Enterprises to our team of experts—only accessible to Field Services Academy members.

Also, when you join Field Services Academy, you’ll get a $500 credit to your choice of coaching program or trusted partner within our network.

BONUS: Jump into Untapped, Limitless Growth

The Annual Service Edge Conference

In order to truly experience unstoppable growth, consider attending our annual Service Edge Conference.

As the premier event created for field service businesses, by field service businesses, Service Edge is an event that’s 100% focused on your GROWTH.

At Service Edge, you’ll discover the specific necessary strategies for amplifying your business growth:

  • Attend world-class workshops to learn the key steps to making a lasting, immediate impact in your professional and personal life
  • Learn from industry experts who’ve overcome the biggest challenges everyone is facing RIGHT NOW
  • Unlock even more growth in your business with tested and proven “done for you” strategies
  • Join transformative workshops to identify the biggest growth opportunities

In addition, get three FULLY FOCUSED days of engaging speakers, action-oriented workshops, and incredible ideas to grow your business.

Discover how Service Edge can help you streamline and improve all areas of your cleaning business:

  • Hiring
  • Finances
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Leadership skills
  • Company culture
  • Strategic planning
  • Future growth roadmapping

Who Should Attend Service Edge

Service Autopilot and FieldEdge members and non-members are encouraged to join our annual Service Edge Conference!

From all across North America, field service businesses are attending SEC—lawn care, snow, cleaning, HVAC, plumbing, and more.

Field service business owners and high-level team members in charge of operations and growth will explore numerous next-level skills they can harness to grow your business.

Grow Your Cleaning Business... Faster (and with Less Stress)

Instant invoicing

Better scheduling

Manage your clients and employees all in one system

Start Software Tour

Boost Profits With the Best Cleaning Business Software

With the best cleaning business software, you’ll have the power to:

Keep in mind, these are just a few of the infinite ways Service Autopilot can take your business to the next level.

Choose Service Autopilot to join the best cleaning business software today, break through your toughest bottlenecks, and scale faster now!

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Originally published Aug 31, 2023 7:00 AM CT

Alyssa Sanders

Alyssa is the Team Lead of Content Marketing at Xplor Field Services. When she's not writing or creating content, you can find her watching a new sci-fi series or shoving her nose into a book.

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