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Top 7 Service Industry Resources for COVID-19

Published on April 1, 2020

There’s no denying the world is chaotic right now, and there’s so much information being thrown at you fast.

With all of the “news” floating around, you can’t help but wonder what’s reliable and what’s not.

You’re being spun in every which direction, and you’re stressed for your family and business.

Let me take some of the weight off your shoulders and do a load of the heavy digging for you, so you can stay updated with the most valuable information.

I’ve put together a complete list of essential resources for service industry business owners. These resources will answer questions like… 

  1. How do I stay updated on the pandemic?
  2. Where do I find information on the Coronavirus?
  3. What information and options apply to my business?

In this article, I will give you a list of 7 reliable resources to help you as a business owner. Plus, to save you effort—I’ve handpicked a few great newsletters I think you should sign up for, so the latest news and information will slide right into your inbox.

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1. Service Industry Resources

Green Industry | NALP: State by State  COVID-19 Guidance

The National Association of Landscape Professionals has multiple resources you can use for your green industry business.

Their Coronavirus Resource Center offers things like:

  • Guides
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Legal information

And more!

One of my favorite resources they offer is the State by State COVID-19 Guidance.

Essentially, they give you a breakdown of the US states that have declared lawn care and/or landscaping as an essential industry.

If you’re in the lawn care or landscaping industry, this resource is crucial to helping your business survive the Coronavirus crisis.

Cleaning Industry | ISSA: Essential Services State by State

The ISSA has loads of awesome resources that help every different type of cleaning business.

Their Coronavirus page gives you:

  • Guides
  • Updates
  • Legal information

And more!

My favorite resource they offer is Essential Services State by State.

This resource provides a breakdown of all the US states that have declared the cleaning industry as an essential industry.

If you’re in the cleaning industry, this resource is crucial to helping your business survive the Coronavirus crisis.

Also, don’t forget to check out ARCSI’s (a division of ISSA) Coronavirus page too!

ARCSI has put resources together for Residential Cleaners to stay updated and safe during this crisis.

On their Coronavirus page, you’ll find:

  • Webinars
  • Virtual Town Hall Meetings
  • Tip Sheets

This resource is helpful if you’re in the cleaning industry and want to stay informed on the latest news.

2. Letters for Your Local Officials

If your local area is under lockdown, you’re likely going to need to acquire an “essential business” status from your local government.

As a result, local law enforcement may ask to see proof of “essential business status”.

Below, we’ve attached a letter from one of our Members (Vista Turf) as well as a letter from small business guru Mike Michalowicz. Both have given you permission to download, customize, and print these letters to use as your own.

You should consider keeping these letters on your dash or in your glove box so that when local law enforcement approaches them, your teams have this to show them.

3. CDC: How to Prepare Your Business for COVID-19

The CDC offers TONS of extremely valuable content for both business owners and individuals.

When you visit the CDC’s page for the Coronavirus, you’ll find a guide for employers and business owners. In this guide, you’ll get advice on how to:

  • Maintain a Healthy Work Environment
  • Maintain Healthy Business Operations
  • Government Resources and Information
  • Reduce Transmission Among Employees

In addition to helpful information like this, the CDC also has a Coronavirus resource page for businesses as well as a Cases in the US page where you can sign up for email updates.

This page is jam-packed with everything business owners need to know about the Coronavirus.

It helps all business owners to protect and educate themselves, their team, and their families.

4. OSHA: Complete Workplace Guide on COVID-19

OSHA has created a complete guide for business owners to stay educated, so you can provide a safe and healthy work environment for your employees.

Here are a few things this guide will give you:

  • The basics of COVID-19
  • OSHA assistance, services, and programs
  • Steps you can take to reduce your team’s exposure

Click here to get the full guide.

In addition to this, OSHA has also created a Coronavirus page, which helps employers to understand this virus to help keep employees safe.

OSHA’s resources are helpful for all business owners who want to minimize their liability by protecting their employees.

5. WHO: FAQs & Everything You Need to Know About COVID-19

The World Health Organization’s Coronavirus webpage guide is dedicated to educating individuals on the cause, spread, and prevention of it.

When you visit their webpage guide, you’ll get information on:

  • Myth busters
  • Healthy parenting
  • Getting workplace ready
  • When and how to use masks

WHO’s guide gives you all of the information you need to know about the COVID-19 crisis. Plus, they even have a quick Q&A section you can check out here.

6. Johns Hopkins: We’re Not Even Close to Easing Up On Social Distancing

Johns Hopkins is providing individuals with the information they need to stay updated on the Coronavirus.

Here’s what you’ll find on their recent article about effectively social distancing:

  • Protecting your children
  • Proper self-isolation in a larger household
  • Signs and symptoms that warrant self-isolation (and for how long)
  • Difference between self-quarantine, self-isolation, and social distancing

This article is helpful for those that are looking to gain basic information on the Coronavirus and how to keep you and your family healthy.

Click here to see their entire Coronavirus Resource Center.

7. CNN: The US Extends Social Distancing to April 30

CNN creates daily Coronavirus pages on their website that update LIVE with new stories. (By the way, CNN adds hyperlinks to the “expired pages”, so you don’t have to search for the new URL every day.)

By far, this is the most organized and easy-to-follow Coronavirus news source I’ve found! And they even have a Coronavirus newsletter you can sign up for.

In one of their recent articles, they talk about the US extending social distancing to April 30.

These are a few things the article addresses:

  • Shortages
  • US death tolls
  • A new travel advisory limiting domestic travel

In addition to articles like these, they also have an FAQ Q&A article on the myths and facts of the Coronavirus.

Take Advantage of Every Resource at the Touch of Your Fingertips

All of the resources mentioned in this article are 100% FREE and can help you to become an informed citizen AND business owner—both of which are essential to your business surviving the Coronavirus crisis.

Even though these are uncertain times, there are STILL actions YOU can take to fight for the survival of your service industry business.

Get access to all of the service industry news and advice you need to keep your business afloat during the Coronavirus by checking out our COVID-19 Resources Page!

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Alyssa Sanders

Alyssa is the Team Lead of Creative Marketing at Xplor Field Services. When she's not writing or creating content, you can find her watching a new sci-fi series or shoving her nose into a book.


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