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Service Autopilot is Lawn Care Software that will grow your business faster. Become more profitable and competitive than anyone else in your market:
  • Bring in massive profits.
  • Cut down on stress and wasted time.
  • Become an unstoppable force in your market.
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Dispatch Calendar

Scheduling that Makes Life Simpler

Perfect, hassle-free scheduling. No more errors and missed appointments.

Service Autopilot’s Calendar allows you to easily schedule, dispatch, and view all of your upcoming services, in just a few clicks. Schedule updates and route directions are immediately sent to your employees' mobile devices via the Mobile App.

  • Schedule your teams from any computer
  • Automatically generate the most efficient routes
  • Easily rearrange appointments and employees’ schedules from your Calendar
Completed Job Scheduling Tasks


Win More Estimates

Win more quotes in less time - and before your competition. Service Autopilot makes estimating so fast, you can quote a new client while you’re still talking to them on the phone.

In less than 5 minutes, you can:

  • Use GPS mapping to get accurate square footage of your client's properties right from your office
  • Choose an estimate template
  • Build it out for any number of clients (including unique info)
  • Automatically price all the jobs based on your best numbers
  • Send out personalized, professional estimates to your leads and clients

Invoicing & Payments

Instant Invoicing and Credit Card Processing

What if you could invoice all of your jobs and get paid instantly? Save hours of time by managing and syncing all of your payments in one system:

  • Never forget another invoice
  • Send out professional-grade invoices to all clients with one click
  • Get paid instantly with stored credit card information
  • Automatically sync your accounts with QuickBooks
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QuickBooks Online Two-Way Sync

Automatically Sync Your QuickBook Account

Start saving time with the only 2-way QBO Sync in the Industry! Sync services, deposits, invoices, payments, products, employees, and more!

  • Less data entry and fewer mistakes means more time to GROW your business
  • Easily refund credit cards & credits
  • Get your team the financial information when they need it most
  • Keep your date safe and secure

Mobile Apps

Keep Your Team Moving with Mobile Apps

Keep your team on task and on time.

Service Autopilot will fix the biggest employee problems that are slowing down your growth. Our Mobile Apps (Apple and Android available) will keep your team accountable and empower them to get more done.

  • See where your teams are with GPS tracking
  • View schedules and job notes on any mobile device
  • Get directions, track time, perform estimates, and take pictures
  • View and update your calendar ANYWHERE

Online Property Measurments

Measure a Property from Your Office

Using GPS and mapping technology, you can get a bird’s eye view of a property and measure it right from the comfort of your own office. Quote jobs instantly and save measurements for future use.

  • Measure the square footage and linear footage of any property online
  • Label and color-code measurements that you can save and retrieve at any time
  • Quickly save measurements to Custom Fields for use with the Rate Matrix and the Estimating System
  • Set the latitude and longitude of any property via drag and drop from the Map


Create Faster Routes, Instantly

Instantly and efficiently route all your jobs and never miss another appointment! Service Autopilot uses GPS to dispatch your crews on the most efficient routes, so you get more done in a day (and cut down on fuel costs).

  • Ease your frustration when dispatching - one quick glance at the Map and you’ll see where work is pending, how much it’s worth, and how long it’ll take.
  • Quickly organize your Technicians’ and your Crews’ days.
  • Reduce your workload by a few hours... Use the Map to Bulk Schedule, create To Do’s, assign Calls, set Tags, send marketing email, and much more!

Payroll, Timesheets, and Wall Clock

Keep Employees Accountable

Track employee and contractor hours, calculate pay, generate timesheets, and more!

  • Calculate overtime and regular pay for employees and contractors whose hours you track, then download the information from Payroll Report and submit to a third-party payroll company
  • Generate timesheet records after an employee or contractor logs time on the Mobile App or Wall Clock
  • Clock in and out using the Wall Clock Mode. Set up a laptop or tablet in your office as your company Wall Clock (you don’t even need to put it on the wall!)
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Find out how Service Autopilot will upgrade your Cleaning Business


Build Better Client Relationships

Your clients will be thrilled with you.

Service Autopilot’s CRM gives you that “Professional Edge” to make dealing with clients more rewarding (and less stressful).

  • Keep your client history all in one place
  • See all of your clients’ jobs, quotes, and invoices
  • Track calls from clients and leads, and easily store notes about each call

Client Portal

Get Paid Faster with Less Hassle

Scheduling that Makes Life Simpler

Get paid faster, be more technologically savvy than your competitors, and eliminate unnecessary billing phone calls. The Client Portal allows clients to view and pay their invoices, update their credit card info, and request service via your website.

Using the portal, your clients can:

  • Pay their invoice and or account balance via credit card from the Portal or from a link embedded in the invoice you send them with their invoice attached
  • Keep and update their Credit Card on file
  • View their payment history, invoices, and account balance
  • Request work or ask a question… which opens a ticket (to do) in your system


See Your Growth (in Real Time)

Stay on top of revenue, lead capture, client retention, and billable hours. Find or create any report you need and get an in-depth view from your dashboard.

  • One-stop center for a healthy analysis of your company
  • Get reports DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO YOUR INBOX... automatically
  • Find and fix the “profit holes” in your company with full-business Reports


Put Your Business on Autopilot

Imagine a system that sends estimate follow ups, deploys marketing emails, launches invoices, and blasts service reminders… without you having to hit “send” every time! Automations allows Service Autopilot to automatically perform those (and many more) activities. Set it once, and it will go - BY ITSELF - until you say stop.

  • Build out the ULTIMATE follow-up sales machine… that runs while you sleep!
  • Never again lose business and forget to send estimate follow ups
  • Keep clients fully engaged with service reminder texts and emails
  • Capture 5-Star reviews as soon as a job is completed
  • Instantly upsell a service... right when clients need it most


Drive More Sales with Forms

Access prebuilt forms or customize your own forms and documents. Create anything from personalized emails to the perfect estimate template.

  • Collect contact information from leads
  • Send surveys to current clients
  • Create job applications
  • Easily drag and drop content and images into documents
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Put Your Business on Autopilot with Service Autopilot

Sales & Marketing

Your Roadmap to Incredible Profits

Get the “power tools” you need to strengthen your growth, increase sales, and build an unbeatable lawn care business.

  • Sell more leads using email marketing
  • Capture leads and new clients from the map - so you can easily create profitable routes and capture the entire market
  • Upsell clients with services based on when they need them most

Chemical Tracking

Chemical Tracking Stay Compliant… and SAFE

Add, store, and track chemical information and their application methods, area units, and areas treated. Easily add chemical jobs to any account.

  • Helps ensure your compliance with regulations
  • Log every detail of chemical usage before AND after jobs
  • Automatically calculate the quantities of chemicals to apply at each property


Get FREE Marketing and Client Materials

The Service Autopilot Marketplace contains a variety of items including automations, documents, and forms created by Service Autopilot and Members alike. Many items in the Marketplace are available at no additional cost to members!

  • Upsell services to clients through email marketing campaigns
  • Access customizable collection letters and estimate documents
  • Using Automations? Import automations that save time while making you more money


Knowledge is Power

Service Autopilot doesn’t just give you the tools you need to succeed… we actually teach you how to use them - AND how to grow your business. It’s the foundation of our company.

  • Unlimited FREE phone, email, and live chat support
  • Unlimited Live Small Group Webinar Training
  • Unlimited Online Video Training
  • Data Import Assistance
  • Launch Advisors to get you up and running quickly
  • Live 1-on-1 Private Training and In-house Training options

Equipped with Service Autopilot, thousands of lawn business owners have transformed from small operations into massive industry leaders.

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