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What is Service Autopilot?

Service Autopilot is the most comprehensive “made for YOU” software to run your entire lawn care or landscaping business. Run your daily operations such as scheduling, optimized routing, estimates, invoicing, and payments all in one platform. In the software you’ll also find tons of done-for-you business forms, marketing templates, and pre-built automations

Plan for business growth with real-time marketing metrics and financial reporting. Your team can even use our mobile apps to get more work done, faster.

Why Use Service Autopilot?

This all-in-one platform was developed specifically for lawn care professionals. CEO and co-founder Jonathan Pototschnik (The Lawn Care Millionaire) grew his own $10m+ lawn care business from the ground up. On his journey, he witnessed an immense need from other business owners for a software that could not only run their daily operations, but also grow their companies while they sleep. Enter: Service Autopilot.

Jonathan's SA4 Opening Keynote


Bring in massive profits.

Cut down on stress and wasted time.

Become an unstoppable force in your market.

Who Should Use
Service Autopilot?

Whether you’re brand new to lawn care, working your way to $500k, or soaring into multi-million dollar revenue, Service Autopilot will streamline and automate the way you do business. Lawn care and landscaping business owners LOVE growing with ONE software for all of their business needs.

If you’re tired of doing all the work yourself… using multiple platforms or cumbersome spreadsheets to run day-to-day operations… or want to spend more time working ON your business rather than for it, Service Autopilot is for YOU.


Why Service Autopilot
is the Best
Lawn Business Software

Scheduling and Routing

Better Scheduling and Faster Routes

Instantly route all your jobs and never miss another appointment!

Service Autopilot uses GPS to dispatch your crews on the most efficient routes, so you get more done in a day (and cut down on fuel costs).

  • Easily schedule recurring jobs
  • Get more efficient routes with one click
  • View and update your calendar anywhere
Scheduling Routes on Map

Invoicing and Accounting

Instant Invoicing and Automatic Accounting

What if you could invoice all of your jobs instantly? Save hours of time by managing and syncing all of your accounts in one system:


Never forget another invoice

Automatically sync your accounts with QuickBooks

Send out professional-grade invoices to all clients with one click

Mobile App

Boost Your Team's Production

Finally! A fix for the biggest employee problems that drag you down. With two Mobile Apps (Apple and Android available) that will track your team, and empower them to get more done.

  • Track time and see where your teams are with GPS tracking
  • View schedules and job notes on any mobile device
  • Get directions, take signatures, create estimates, take pictures, and more
SA Mobile App Screens

Why Service Autopilot is the
Best Lawn Business Software

Pick the Membership Plan
Best for your Business


Win More Estimates

Win more quotes in… less time. In less than five minutes, Service Autopilot will:

  • Pull an estimate template
  • Build it out for any number of clients (including unique info)
  • Automatically price all the jobs based on your best numbers
  • Send out personalized, professional estimates to your leads and clients


Build Better Client Relationships

Your clients will be thrilled with you. Service Autopilot’s CRM sharpens your professional edge to make working with your clients more rewarding (and less stressful).


Keep your client history all in one place

See all of your clients’ jobs, quotes, and invoices

Track calls from clients and leads, and easily store notes about each call

Marketing and Reporting

Your Roadmap to Incredible Profits

Get the “power tools” you need to control your growth, and build an unbeatable lawn care business.

  • Email and upsell to more clients
  • Capture leads and new clients from the map
  • Find and fix the “profit holes” in your company with full Business Reports

Find out how Service Autopilot will upgrade your lawn business


Expect More from Your Lawn Business Software

When you sign up for Service Autopilot, we assign you a personal Launch Advisor. She will walk you through the software step-by-step and guide you to the right resources for growing your business. We take pride in teaching our Members how to run healthy, long-lasting lawn care businesses.

  • Unlimited FREE Phone, Email and Live Chat Support
  • Quick, Interactive "Software Training" Courses
  • Unlimited Online Video Training & Help Center
  • Get Your Data Imported for FREE
  • Personal Advisors to Help You Get Started