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Best Lawn Care Scheduling Software in 2024 and Beyond

Published on August 25, 2023

When you choose the best lawn care scheduling software, you can easily streamline your daily operations.

Using the best lawn care scheduling software, you’ll have the power to:

  • Book jobs faster with instant route optimization
  • Get paid same-day with automated, built-in payments
  • Use flexible scheduling to easily schedule recurring jobs
  • Track your crews’ GPS to see their location and job progress
  • Access client accounts from anywhere, including jobs, quotes, notes, etc.

In this article, you’ll discover what the best lawn care scheduling software has in store for your business in 2024 and beyond.


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Generate Automatic, Instantly Optimized Routes

The best lawn care scheduling software has the power to instantly upgrade your maps so you can:

  • Instantly optimize routes
  • Increase conversions by bidding faster with remote property measurements
  • Efficiently create schedules by quickly organizing your crews’ day based on high-value jobs

Plus, Service Autopilot’s Smart Maps allows you to save on drive time and gas mileage when you use remote property measurements to generate estimates over the phone.

Here’s what you’ll get with Smart Maps:

  • Set the latitude and longitude of any property
  • Measure property lines while on the phone with clients
  • Get precise square footage and linear footage of any property line
  • Label and color code measurements and save them for future access
  • Quickly save measurements to custom fields for use with the rate matrix and estimates

Take Advantage of Flexible Scheduling

With flexible scheduling, Service Autopilot allows you to easily schedule recurring jobs for whatever cadence you need (e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).

Additionally, flexible scheduling allows you to:

  • Minimize scheduling errors
  • Ensure no clients get forgotten
  • Automate the scheduling process

Track Job Progress in Real-Time

Using crew GPS tracking, Service Autopilot allows you to track job progress in real-time.

In addition, crew GPS tracking allows you to:

  • Track time on jobs
  • View your crews’ daily footprints
  • Know where crews are located at all times

By tracking your crews and job progress, you’re able to:

  • Keep crews on task
  • Track job performance
  • Maximize time spent on jobs

Access Client Accounts from Anywhere

Service Autopilot allows you to access client accounts from anywhere, including:

  • Quotes
  • invoices
  • Job notes
  • Job history

Plus, when your crews are able to easily access client history and edit accounts, they can provide your clients with the best possible experience.

Get Paid Automatically With Same-Day Payments

SA payments is a built-in credit card processor that allows you to get paid automatically with same-day payments and:

  • Minimize late payments
  • Automatically get credit card updates
  • Become fully PCI Compliant—allowing you to store credit cards on file
  • Eliminate wasted time chasing payments and speed up your cash flow

Additionally, studies have shown clients will spend up to 83% more when paying with credit card versus cash.

With the best lawn care scheduling software, you can say goodbye to:

  • Late payments
  • Long processing times
  • Outdated mobile card readers

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Unleash Unstoppable Growth With the Best Lawn Care Scheduling Software

Choosing the best lawn care scheduling software for your business is crucial to your long-term success, profitability, and scalability.

With Service Autopilot, you can:

  • Get paid faster with same-day, automated payments
  • Take advantage of bulk invoicing for quicker daily operations
  • Simultaneously maximize time in the office as well as in the field
  • Keep your crews on track with GPS and job tracking in real-time
  • Streamline communication between the office and the field with the mobile app

When you choose Service Autopilot, you’re getting the best lawn care scheduling software that’s been proven to scale thousands of businesses just like yours.

At last, you now know why Service Autopilot is the best lawn care scheduling software to start scaling your business right now!

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Originally published Aug 25, 2023 10:50 AM CT

Alyssa Sanders

Alyssa is the Team Lead of Content Marketing at Xplor Field Services. When she's not writing or creating content, you can find her watching a new sci-fi series or shoving her nose into a book.

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