The Top 7 Lawn Care YouTube Channels

Published on February 19, 2019

Forget school.

Videos will teach you anything you want to know.

From YouTube, you can find out how to:

  • Stripe a lawn,
  • Edge with a weed eater,
  • Make your advertisements work
  • And build a successful lawn care business.

Here’s our top 7 list of the best YouTube channels for Lawn Care…

7. Ambro’s Landscaping Inc.

Jason Ambro gives great product reviews, Q&A’s, advice and entertaining videos.

Whether you’re in lawn or landscaping, this channel is helpful… especially when it comes to product reviews.

Some videos you’ll want to take a look at:

Who Should Watch This Channel?

If you’re in the lawn care or landscaping industry, you can’t go wrong with watching this channel.

No matter if you’re thinking about purchasing a new product, need some tips or just want to be entertained - Jason is your guy!

6. B&B Lawn Care

Blake Albertson is an up-and-coming Lawn Care YouTuber, who’s going to help you start and grow your own lawn care company.

He’ll give you advice, review products and vlog about being a lawn care owner.

Here are a few of Blake’s video we recommend you watch:

Who Should Watch This Channel?

If you’re new to the lawn care industry, Blake has your back!

He’ll help you avoid some beginners’ mistakes. Plus, he has Q&A’s to answer those questions you can’t find on the internet.

5. Lawn Care Life

Jason Creel will show you everything you need to know about starting a lawn care company.

He provides videos with coachable advice through actionable steps as well as tutorials on everyday operations and product reviews.
Take a look at some of Jason’s videos:

Who Should Watch This Channel?

Whether you’re new to the lawn care industry… or if you just need some moral support - this is a great channel to watch.

He’ll give you all kinds of tips on growing your lawn care business, and he’ll give you advice and support on typical issues you’ll run into.

4. Spencer Lawn Care

Shawn Spencer is going to help you run your lawn care business.

He’s a great storyteller who gives advice, teaches from the mistakes of others, gives product reviews and vlogs with his wife (Savannah) and daughter (Miley).

These are some videos worth watching:

Who Should Watch This Channel?

Anyone in the lawn care industry can benefit from Shawn’s channel.

He’ll give you business advice based on his experiences, and he really knows his stuff. So whether you need advice, a product review or just want something fun to watch… this channel is for you.

3. Brian’s Lawn Maintenance

When it comes to owning a lawn care business, Brian Fullerton knows all about it.

He’ll review products for you, vlog, give business advice, teach you about marketing and advertising… and just about anything else you can think 

Some binge-worthy episodes for you to watch:

Who Should Watch This Channel?

Brian has been running a successful lawn care business for quite some time, so his videos can really help anyone grow their lawn care business.

Anyone in the lawn care industry can benefit from watching Brian’s channel.

2. Top Notch Lawn Care

Brian Shain is your lawn care business owners’ guide.

He’ll bring you videos about mistakes he’s made, product reviews, tips and tutorials.

Some videos you’ll want to watch:

Who Should Watch This Channel?

Anyone in the lawn care industry can benefit from watching Brian’s videos.

He’s really relatable, and he’s come a long way from when he first started his business. He has great advice to share, and he does good tutorials on services and products you may not know how to use.

1. Lawn Care Millionaire

Jonathan Pototschnik can help you grow your business. He’ll give you actionable steps, advice, hold live Q&A’s, templates, marketing plans and useful resources.

Whether you need some advice or a support system - Jonathan is there!

Here are some videos you need to watch to grow your lawn care business:

Who Should Watch This Channel?

Anyone in the lawn care industry can benefit from watching Jonathan’s videos.

He’ll teach you things he’s learned in his experiences, and he’ll provide answers to those questions you’ve been searching. If you really want to grow your lawn care business, you need to watch Jonathan’s channel.

Bonus Channel

As a bonus, if you’re interested in lawn care product reviews and vlogging, you should check out the Lawn Care Rookie.

Naylor Taliaferro will bring you videos about new lawn care products, and he’ll also keep you updated on his life.

If you like Shawn’s channel (Spencer Lawn Care), then you should give Naylor’s a try!


This article is essential to being a successful lawn care owner. Whether you’re a seasoned lawn care owner, or you’re just starting out - these channels can really help you.

These channels will give you:

All of these guys REALLY know their stuff. So check them out to grow your lawn care business!

Got a favorite landscaping or lawn care YouTube channel?

Let us know! We’d love to feature it in our next iteration.

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Updated Feb 19, 2019 7:00 AM

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