Free Landscape Contract Template: Finish in 5 Steps

Published on March 24, 2022

The best landscape contract has the ability to set your business up for optimal, long-lasting success.

Use your landscape contract to:

  • Fully outline the services for clients
  • Provide clear expectations for both parties
  • Establish a mutual agreement for services rendered

As a result, the best landscape contract reduces the likelihood of miscommunication by establishing a line of clear, open communication from the start.

Use the information in this article to develop the most robust landscape contract possible, and create mutual accountability for agreements.

Streamline communication between the business and the client!

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1. The Main Elements to Include in Your Landscape Contract

Provide a mutual understanding between the business and client with these main elements in your contract:

  1. Extent of Work
    • Provide landscaping service descriptions.
      • E.g. landscape design packages, lighting installation inclusions, sprinkler installation and repair inclusions, etc.
  2. Services
    • State the requested services and provide specifics about each.
      • E.g. free access to the front and back yard, etc.
    • Provide a service description.
      • E.g. mulching the front yard, planting, etc.
  3. Property Description
    • At your final estimate, describe any pre-existing property damages.
      • Using Service Autopilot, you can easily document this by adding pictures to the client’s account.
  4. Guarantee
    • State there’s a 100% client satisfaction guarantee.
  5. Contract Pricing
    • State the agreed upon contract price.
    • Explain how you’ll be charging for the contract.
    • If applicable, mention a retainer or downpayment.
  6. Payments
    • State any due dates or payment plan information.
  7. Legal Compliance
    • State that your landscape business is abiding by all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  8. Insurance
    • The business has adequate insurance. Also, you might want to include your insurance provider.
  9. Subcontractors
    • If applicable, provide a disclosure about the use of potential subcontractors.
  10. Unexpected Costs
    • The client understands any unexpected costs or loss in profitability result in a change in the price of the contract.
  11. Arbitration
  12. Final Disclosure
    • Explain how the contract is final in the disclosure. Both parties must sign any and all future amendments in writing.

The Outline of Your Landscape Contract

While this contract is a great starting point, you’ll need to adjust it to fit your business needs.

Consider all essential elements of your business operations to determine any contract gaps or potential conflicts/misunderstandings needing to be included.

AS ALWAYS, meet with a trusted lawyer or legal consultant to ensure all main elements are incorporated into the landscape contract.

2. Properly Document the Services Requested

When you properly document the services requested, you’re setting clear, mutual expectations from the beginning.

For example, you’ll need to explain if you need open access to the back yard or a specific part of property.

Plus, it’s important to mention any other details or specifics surrounding the services. Be sure to describe everything included in the service contract.

Remember, it’s critical to also include a disclosure about how unexpected costs or changes can result in a contract price change.

Take a look at a few disclaimers you should consider including:

  • The estimate is an approximate price and might vary from the actual total price of the service. After the start of the service, the client understands unexpected costs might change the price (including, but not limited to: unforeseen challenges, obstacles, obstructions, loss in profitability, etc.), the client may receive additional charges.
  • The client understands they must have electrical rights to use the primary building’s electrical to power lighting. The client also understands that third-party electrician subcontractors may be used for completing the light installation.
  • Even though the [landscape business name] will seek to avoid any property damage, no promises can be made. Any damages caused by [landscape business name] will be covered by [insurance provider name].
  • [Landscape business name] reserves the right to capture photographs and/or videos of the client’s property for marketing and/or media use.
  • The client understands they’re required to provide free access to the areas needing landscaping services (e.g. front yard, back yard, etc.). At any time, [landscape business name] has the right to reject any property it deems unsafe.

Even though these disclaimers provide an excellent jumping point, you’ll have to adjust it to be sure it meets your landscaping business needs.

3. Provide an Explanation of the Payment Process

The best way to let clients know how they’ll pay for their services is by providing an explanation of the payment process within the landscape contract.

For instance, will they pay via credit card, cash, check, etc.?

By the way, did you know Service Autopilot gives you the ability to secure same-day automated payments?

In turn, this decreases both late-paying and non-paying clients.

Be sure to include any payment stipulations, such as due dates, declined payments, late fees, and non-payment penalties.

4. ALWAYS Meet With a Lawyer or Legal Consultant Before Officializing

AS ALWAYS, before officializing, it’s crucial to meet with a trusted lawyer or legal consultant.

After all, the only true way to fully protect your business from conflict, liability, incorrect language, and more is by utilizing proper legal counsel.

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Set Your Business Up for Success With the Best Landscape Contract

Now, you can set your landscape business up for success with a robust contract, which mitigates liabilities by:

  • Developing mutually trusted client relationships
  • Establishing mutually clear expectations for both parties
  • Avoiding potential miscommunication between either party

ALWAYS meet with a trusted lawyer or legal consultant to ensure all legal bases are covered with the best possible landscape contract.

Even though developing a robust landscape contract might seem complex, the simplified steps in this article have given you everything needed to easily get started!

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Originally published March 24, 2022 7:00 AM

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