Bring back the joy of growth. 
Try the world’s best software for commercial and residential cleaning businesses.

Generate Massive Profits
for Your Lawn Business

Service Autopilot is an all-in-one software that’s designed for your lawn care business.
Streamline your daily operations:
  • Instant Invoicing
  • Automatic Routing
  • Estimates in Your Office
  • Same-Day Payments
  • Marketing Made Simple

Sell more work with custom forms and built-in marketing tools, and go faster with Automations - the most powerful growth tool in the Green Industry.

Increase Your Profits with the
Most Powerful Tools

Instant Bulk Invoicing

Get paid on-time, every time with the touch of a button. Send professional invoices to charge all of your clients in bulk.

Track Your Cleaners

Via Mobile App, view footprints of where your cleaners are located when they’re on the clock.

Detailed Reporting

Find out where you can increase your profits by using the Reports Center.

Client Information in One Place

View things like jobs, quotes, invoices, and important notes in your client’s account history.

Win More Cleaning Clients

In 5 minutes or less, you can create an estimate, automatically price the job based on your most profitable numbers, and send it to your client!

Two-Way QuickBooks Sync

Sync your Service Autopilot and Quickbooks accounts from day one to avoid double data entry. Syncs with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.


See Why Service Autopilot is THE BEST Lawn Care Software.


Is  Service Autopilot the Perfect Fit for YOU?

From residential maid service to commercial window washing, Service Autopilot has the power to revolutionize your cleaning business.

From automatic, same-day payments to customer satisfaction tracking… Service Autopilot has the power to put your business’ growth on autopilot.

If you’re serious about growing your cleaning business, then Service Autopilot is the PERFECT FIT FOR YOU.

Cleaning Service Software 
Professionals Recommend

Service Autopilot is trusted by thousands of successful service industry businesses from around the globe.

Our reviews speak for themselves… 

For over 10 years, Service Autopilot has been growing businesses just like yours. And with a 30-day money-back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

Find out for yourself what Service Autopilot will do for YOU.

The House Cleaning Guru
This cures my routing problem… scheduling problem… calendar problem… keeping track of client notes, personal data, and special requests problem. It basically gives me a personal bill collector that’s going to send out emails. I mean this is a no-brainer. This is brilliant for house cleaners.”

See Why Service Autopilot is THE BEST Lawn Care Software.


See Why Lawn Experts Choose



Other Software


Appointment-Based Scheduling

Appointment-Based Scheduling


Flexible Scheduling (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)

Flexible Scheduling
(weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)


Mobile App (keep ALL important job details in one place)

Mobile App
(keep ALL important job details in one place)


Hourly Payroll Report

Hourly Payroll Report


2-Way QuickBooks Sync

2-Way QuickBooks Sync

Only syncs one way.
This requires double data entry.


Automatic Invoicing

Automatic Invoicing
(invoice one or one thousand invoices in one click)


In-House Automations With “Unlimited” Features

In-House Automations With
“Unlimited” Features


Automatic Two-Way Texting

Automatic Two-Way Texting


Custom Forms, Anywhere You Need Them

Custom Forms
(from anywhere via website or Team App)


Free Phone, Email, & Chat Support

Free Phone, Email, & Chat Support

(chat or email support only)

Appointment-Based Scheduling

The Mobile App will revolutionize the way you do business. Minimize your liability by requiring before and after photos for every visit. Add or cancel jobs on the fly during a snow event. Go back to a property multiple times and show each timestamp of when you went back.

Automated Customer Satisfaction Tracking

Automated Customer Satisfaction TrackingThrough Automations, you can track your customer satisfaction through automated surveys. Service Autopilot will save all the data for you.

Save Job Details via the Mobile App

Keep all important job details in one place. See what areas need to be cleaned, what the client prefers, and more.

Hourly Payroll Report

See how profitable your jobs are on an hourly basis, so you can pinpoint your desired areas of improvement. Plus, you can use this to determine how much to pay your cleaners.

Automatic Two-Way Texting

Automatically contact your clients to send bulk notifications, surveys, or service updates.

Experience Life on Autopilot

With Automations, Service Autopilot will perform your daily tasks for you. Once you set your Automations, it’ll run by itself until you tell it to stop. Estimate follow-ups, invoices, past due reminders, texts, and email campaigns can all be automated within Service Autopilot.

Create Custom Forms

Save hours of time with our new quick and easy-to-use forms. Use conditional logic to create unique paths where you can separate your residential and commercial cleaning jobs. Plus, when you update a form, it’ll automatically update all of your existing accounts.

Get Paid On-Time, Every Time

Automate your client’s payments to easily charge and credit their accounts. And with Automations, you can charge all of your clients in bulk. Filters and Tags can be used to find clients who haven’t paid yet. Plus, SA Payments ensure you get paid same-day! You can also add cash and check payments to your client accounts as well.

Why Cleaning Businesses Choose Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot has the potential to solve all of the major bottlenecks in your business, so you can get back to accomplishing your goals.

This all-in-one cleaning service software solution helps your team get more work done in a fraction of the time.

Stop stressing over your everyday problems, and take charge of your cleaning business with Service Autopilot.

You’ve Got Nothing to Lose! Try It TODAY.

Once you sign up for Service Autopilot, you’ll get your own personal Launch Advisor. They’ll guide you through the integration process step-by-step until you're properly set up. At Service Autopilot, we pride ourselves in helping our Members accomplish their goals and dreams for their cleaning business. And with our 30-day money-back guarantee, you’ve got NOTHING to lose!
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