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There’s nothing like Mondays for learning advanced new features that will make you money. Right?

Let’s get to it: You’re a homeowner, and you are ready to take the plunge. You want to hire a company to mow your lawn, but first you need an estimate based on your property’s measurements.

So you call up three different lawn care companies. Here’s what happens:

Lawn Care Company #1 – You call them, and nobody answers the phone. You call again, still no answer.

“OK,” you think, “Clearly these guys aren’t very good. Let’s try someone else.”

Lawn Care Company #2 – You dial their number, and they answer. Success!

They offer to come out and do a free estimate at their own expense. They’re going to walk your property sometime next Wednesday, probably when you aren’t home. After they give their estimate, then they’ll be ready to start mowing.

By then, your grass will be about two feet tall and filled with who knows what. At least Lawn Care Company #2 answered the phone, right?

You tell them, “Let me call you back, I need to ask my wife first.” What you really mean is, “Let me try calling someone else first.”

Lawn Care Company #3 – You get on the phone with these guys, not really sure what to expect. They ask you for your address, which is a little strange, but you give it to them.

A few moments later, they’ve got an estimate, based on the square footage of your yard, and are willing to come out tomorrow to mow your property.

Which company would you choose?

Get More Clients with Advanced Mapping Measurements

If you work in the field industry, you know how valuable quick estimates can be – leads often buy services based on how fast they get their estimates.

If you have Service Autopilot’s Advanced Mapping feature, then you have access to the fastest estimating tool in the business. With this feature, you can map accurate measurements that can be used in personalized estimates – all from your office. All you have to do is draw an outline around the property on the map.

Chris made a video to show you how it’s done:

If you’re looking to nail down more leads, this feature is perfect for you. Whether you’re in lawn care, or pool cleaning, or want to give an estimate on that new brick walkway, now you won’t even have to leave the office to get it done.

As long as you’re answering your phones, you’re going to start grabbing more clients when you measure and write up estimates this fast.

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Patrick Hoffman

Patrick Hoffman

Patrick Hoffman is Marketing Director at Service Autopilot. He specializes in managing marketing campaigns and giving marketing strategies to the Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Cleaning Industries. When he's not writing, he's reading books on marketing, self-improvement, or science fiction. Contact Patrick: patrick.hoffman@serviceautopilot.com

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