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We’ve created the all-in-one software that helps you run your cleaning business even more efficiently.

Sell more work with custom forms and built-in marketing tools, and go faster with Automations - the most powerful growth tool in the industry.

We’re here to help you put your success and continued growth on autopilot.

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With Service Autopilot You Can

Instant Bulk Invoicing​

Get paid on-time, every time with the touch of a button. Send professional invoices to charge all of your clients in bulk.​

Track Your Techs

Via Mobile App, view footprints of where your cleaners are located when they’re on the clock.

Detailed Reporting

Find out where you can increase your profits by using the Reports Center.

Client Information in 
One Place​

View things like jobs, quotes, invoices, and important notes in your client’s account history.​

Win More Clients​

In 5 minutes or less, you can create an estimate, automatically price the job based on your most profitable numbers, and send it to your client!

Two-Way QuickBooks Sync​

Sync your Service Autopilot and QuickBooks accounts from day one to avoid double data entry. Syncs with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.​

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Is Service Autopilot 
Going To Work For You?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or a multi-million dollar success.

Service Autopilot will work for ANY cleaning business at ANY stage of growth.

Watch the video to hear what our members are saying about us.

  • We switched to Service Autopilot after using a different, maid-focused software for years. We’ve never once regretted the switch. Service Autopilot allows us to see who owes us money with 1 click and saves our team hours of data entry each week. I recommend SA all the time and will continue to do so.

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Manage Job from Anywhere

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2-Way QuickBooks Sync

2-Way QuickBooks Sync



In-House Automations With “Unlimited” Features

In-House Automations With
“Unlimited” Features


Asset & Chemical Tracking

Asset & Chemical Tracking

Live Your Life On Autopilot

When you enter the world of Service Autopilot Automations, just about EVERY SINGLE time-consuming, annoyingly repetitive daily task can be done automatically for you (while also making you MORE MONEY). Automate things like estimate follow-ups, invoices, past due reminders, credit card updates, texts, email campaigns, and so much more. The list of possibilities is absolutely endless.


Create Custom Forms

Service Autopilot Forms optimize your daily tasks to save you time in the areas you never thought possible. Create new forms, build multi-page forms, and use conditional logic (to separate your residential and commercial clients) to experience quick and easy-to-use professional forms. Plus, automatically update all of your existing accounts.


Same-Day Payments

SA Payments allow you to easily charge and credit accounts SAME-DAY. To make it even easier, use filters and tags to find your unpaid accounts and charge them all at once. And with Automations, you can make these charges automatically (without doing a thing).


FAQs: Got questions about which is the best software for a cleaning service?

If you’re ready to GROW your cleaning business like never before, we’ll show you why Service Autopilot is the trusted cleaning service business software.

How much does Service Autopilot’s cleaning service software cost?

We have several different pricing plans, allowing you to customize the software and add-ons based on the specific features your business needs.

Which means, our cleaning service software cost is in line with where you are as a business and can help you continue to scale faster and be even more successful.

If you want to see EXACTLY how Service Autopilot can help you grow your business, just click here to book a free demo.

Can I get a Cleaning Software Demo our Tour?

Wondering if there is a cleaning service software free trial?

While we don't offer a free trial, we provide a free tour to explore what Service Autopilot can do for your business.

Is there a Service Autopilot cleaning software app?

The Service Autopilot cleaning software app is amazing.

Our cleaning solution app means you can easily generate rapid estimates on-the-go, add/edit/view client photos + notes, track crews+job progress in real-time, manage time tracking, track assets + chemicals, manage communication between cleaners + office, and so much MORE.

Plus, our cleaning software solution app is perfect for keeping your team organized and on the same page.

What are the best cleaning software features in Service Autopilot?

If you’re looking for a cleaning service scheduling software to easily align with your business, Service Autopilot is the smart choice.

When you use the right cleaning service software, you are positioning your business for even MORE success.

Service Autopilot’s cleaning software helps cleaning businesses just like yours by simplifying day-to-day tasks: automatically optimized routes, same-day automated payments, bulk invoicing, live job tracking, automated reports, and communicate with dispatched crews in real-time.

Plus, we offer cleaning service software integrations, like QuickBooks, to help your business run smoothly.

If you're looking for the best software for cleaning businesses, you’ll love Service Autopilot.

Is Service Autopilot a small business cleaning software?

Service Autopilot was created for businesses of all sizes. If you're looking for a small business cleaning software to help your company finally reach the next level of success, Service Autopilot can help you make that happen.

Check out this quiz to see if Service Autopilot is right for you!

It’s So Easy You Can START TODAY!

After you sign up for Service Autopilot, you’ll receive a Personal Launch Advisor who will ease you into the integration process. They’ll help you set up your account and walk you through the transition process step-by-step.

At Service Autopilot, we go the extra mile because we take pride in teaching our Members how to run healthy field service businesses that stand the tests of time.


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Appointment Based