Top Pest Control Uniforms Recommended By Experts

Published on March 3, 2022

Whether you’re a new or established business, it’s important to choose the top pest control uniforms to protect and represent your brand.

The best uniforms:

  • Protect your technicians from hazards
  • Portray a professional, trustworthy business
  • Market your business so it's easily recognizable

In addition, part of having the best uniforms means having the right PPE. Which means, the right uniform can actually be a legal requirement.

Leave out the guesswork and countless hours of research, and use this article to discover some of the best pest control uniforms recommended by experts.

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How Pest Control Uniforms Spark Business Growth

Aside from proper pest control uniforms being an essential aspect of legally required PPE (i.e. personal protection equipment), they also help spark business growth.

In addition to protecting technicians from hazardous chemicals and objects, pest control uniforms also:

  • Offer technicians a sense of unity as a part of the team
  • Serve as a low-cost way to automatically market your business
  • Provide branding that makes the business more easily recognizable
  • Establish credibility and trust with clients as a reputable and professional business

Plus, the right uniforms allow technicians to work with more free range and comfort.

In turn, uniforms maximize employee potential - allowing them to complete jobs as quickly as possible and to the best of their ability.

Who Pays for the Pest Control Uniforms

While there are no laws requiring you to pay for uniforms per se, businesses are legally required to provide employees with proper PPE at zero cost to the employee.

As always, check with your local laws to determine which PPE pieces you’re required to pay for and provide for your employees.

Keep in mind, you might consider some required pieces of PPE as a part of your uniform.

However, despite what you might think, you can never charge employees for any PPE that’s legally required.

Also, even though you might consider making employees pay for parts of their uniforms that aren’t considered PPE, I’d highly caution against this.

Why Businesses Should Consider Paying for Uniforms

Since finding quality employees is difficult during this ongoing labor shortage, it’s important to find ways to make your business stand out from the competition.

After all, you’ll have to give candidates a reason to choose your business over the competition.

Making employees pay for pieces of their pest control uniforms will be a deterrent.

In addition to providing the legally required PPE, you should also consider providing your technicians with uniforms.

To start, offer employees a week’s supply of uniforms. You might also consider giving them one or two free replacement uniforms in case of accidents.

Then, you can consider making employees pay for their uniforms if they use up their free replacements.

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How to Choose the Best Uniforms

Unlike some other field service industries, where uniforms aren’t necessarily required, pest control has different regulations due to the increased risk of injury.

In order to choose the best pest control uniforms with confidence, first be sure your uniforms are:

Before choosing uniforms for your technicians, verify that you’re adhering to local laws and regulations for proper PPE and uniforms.

The Best Pest Control Uniforms Recommended By Experts

Every pest control business offers different services and has varying local laws for adequate PPE.

Let’s take a look at some of the top options in the market that businesses swear by:

Logo Shirts, Button-Downs, Polos, and More

Pants, Shorts, and Logo Overalls


Depending on your local climate, you might also consider adding outerwear to your pest control uniforms.


As an optional part of the uniform, you can also consider providing your technicians with hats.

Uniform Rental Programs

Alternatively, if you have the budget for it, you can consider signing up for a uniform rental program with laundering services.

Work Boots

Remember, it’s important to choose everyday work boots which are chemical resistant. Plus, depending on the job you might need reinforced toes or knee boots.

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Choose the Best Pest Control Uniforms for Your Business

With the endless sea of options you have to choose from with pest control uniforms, it’s important to find resources you can trust.

Use the advice in this article to help you:

  • Prioritize your technicians’ protection
  • Adhere to proper OSHA guidelines for PPE
  • Save yourself from countless hours of research
  • Choose the top recommended uniforms on the market

At last, you can choose the best pest control uniforms for your business based on top expert recommendations in the industry!

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Originally published March 3, 2022 7:00 AM

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