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New 2024 MAHC Proposals to Impact Commercial Pool Cleaning

Published on April 25, 2024

If you’re in the commercial pool cleaning industry, then you might have heard about a few new 2024 MAHC proposals that could impact the industry.

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • MAHC’s role in the pool industry
  • The main proposals up for a vote
  • What the latest 2024 MAHC proposals could mean for the industry

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What Is the MAHC?

The MAHC (i.e. Model Aquatic Health Code) is a a federal code which applies to commercial and public pools, spas, and water features, (but not limited to) including the following aspects:

  • Design
  • Operation
  • Construction
  • Maintenance

Though it’s overseen by the CDC (i.e. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), it’s managed by the CMAHC (i.e. Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code) and has various stakeholders.

Every three years, the CMAHC releases a new edition, and CMAHC members vote on various proposals to include in the new edition.

To view the current 2023 MAHC, take a look at these:

In order to view the new 2024 MAHC when it’s finalized, join the CMAHC to be in-the-know.

The Proposals Up for Vote

Take a look at a few brief summaries of the proposals that would affect the commercial pool cleaning industry:

  • Immediate remediation (not closure) if a pool’s CYA levels reach 300 ppm
  • Maximum allowable CYA (i.e. cyanuric acid) level to increase from 90 to 100 ppm (i.e. parts per million)
  • Increase the CYA-to-free chlorine ratio levels (in which a pool would have to shut down) from 45:1 to 150:1
  • Remove the 10 ppm free-chlorine maximum (having operators keep levels below maximum listed label)
    • Alternative, conflicting proposal: force pools to shut down after reaching 10 ppm of free chlorine
  • Allowance for more progressive technologies (not yet approved by U.S. standards) that have been approved as a German DIN standard as well as Sweden and Austria

What the New Proposals Mean for Commercial Pool Cleaning

The majority of the proposals that would impact commercial pool cleaning have to do with chemical levels.

If passed, these new 2024 MAHC proposals would impact the chemical levels and technologies used in the commercial pool cleaning industry.

Once you register on CMAHC’s website, you can read the change requests. Also, members can vote on these proposals for the new proposed changes.

Get the Latest News on the 2024 MAHC Proposals

Now, you know the latest news on the 2024 MAHC proposals! Use this information to follow the latest commercial pool cleaning standards.

Become a CMAHC member to find out the latest information on MAHC proposals and editions.

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