Maximize Your Profits with the #1 Pool Service Software

Trust the #1 pool service software & put your business on autopilot.

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Trust the #1 pool service software & put your business on autopilot.

Pool Cleaning Experts
Choose Service Autopilot.

Trust the #1 pool service software & put your business on autopilot.

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Boost Your Everyday Operations Efficiency

Service Autopilot is the best all-in-one software to complete ALL of the everyday tasks in your pool service business.

Plan for business growth with real-time marketing metrics and financial reporting. Your team can even use our mobile apps to get more work done, faster.

And with Automations, growing our pool business has never been easier. Put your marketing on autopilot and generate more profits than ever before - all while doing LESS work. There’s a reason why Service Autopilot is the most powerful tool for massive growth in the Pool Service Industry.

Kickstart Your Pool Business’ Growth
with the

Schedule Jobs from Anywhere

Quickly schedule your one-time and recurring jobs.

Smart Maps

Automatically optimize your routes and find new leads.

Instant Invoicing

With one click, send fantastic-looking invoices and charge all cards at once. And with SA Payments, you can get it same-day.

Automatic QuickBooks Sync

Stop adding work for yourself with double data entry. Service Autopilot’s two-way sync automatically transfers and receives your QuickBooks data.

Get the App

Keep your teams on-task by tracking your team’s footprints throughout the day in the Team App.

Business Reports

Use the Reports Center to fix your “profit holes” and maximize your profits.

Asset & Chemical Tracking

Easily track and stay up-to-date on all of your everyday assets and chemicals.

Detailed Client Accounts

Keeping detailed Client Accounts in Service Autopilot is easy. Every Client Account has a history where you can view things like jobs, quotes, invoices, important notes, and before/after pictures.

Win More Clients

Build your estimate, auto-price your jobs based on your highest profits, and send - ALL within less than 5 minutes in Service Autopilot.

Marketing Made SIMPLE

You don’t have to be a pro at marketing to utilize our marketing features. Easily set up your marketing emails or two-way texts, and use our Automations to put it on autopilot!

See Why Service Autopilot is
Pool Service Software.

The Power to DOUBLE Your Growth

Service Autopilot has the power to DOUBLE the growth of your business in a year.

Automate and simplify your everyday tasks, so you can get back to the tasks that matter most—growing your business. So if you’re ready to SUPERCHARGE the growth of your pool service business, then you’re ready for Service Autopilot.

Made for Pool Service Experts

Never forget or lose client information again. In your client’s account activity, you can see things like past services (and who completed the service), chemical usage, pool dimensions, parts, and invoicing. Store ALL of your client’s account history in one software, and quickly access the information you need from anywhere.

See Why Pool Cleaning Experts Choose



Other Software


(Automatically optimize your routes in a single click.)

(Automatically optimize your routes
in a single click.)



(Invoice one or one thousand
invoices in one click.)


2-Way QuickBooks Sync

2-Way QuickBooks Sync

Only basic, 1-way syncing.


In-House Automations With
“Unlimited” Features

In-House Automations With
“Unlimited” Features


Asset & Chemical Tracking

Asset & Chemical Tracking


Custom Forms
(from anywhere via website or Team App)

Custom Forms
(From anywhere via website or Team App.)


In-House Automations With “Unlimited” Features

Free Phone, Email, & Chat Support

(chat or email support only)

Easily Track Your Chemical Usage

Quickly track the chemicals you use on every visit and save it to your client accounts. With Service Autopilot Chemical Tracking, you’ll know what you should be charging clients for chemicals, create online reports for chemical usage, and know how much and when you should order chemicals.

Easy-to-Use Custom Forms

Save more time than you could’ve dreamed with our easy-to-use Forms. Quickly create new forms, build multi-page forms, and use conditional logic to separate your residential and commercial accounts. Plus, you can automatically update their existing accounts.

Bulk Invoicing & Same-Day Payments

SA Payments lets you bulk invoice all of your clients at once with only a few, quick clicks. Use the Filters and Tags feature to find unpaid clients, then invoice and charge them all in bulk. You can also input cash and check payments onto your Client Accounts as well.

Why Service Autopilot Is
The Best Pool Service Software

Service Autopilot is a true all-one-software. In fact, it’s the only software you’ll ever need for your pool business.

With Service Autopilot, you’ll fix your business’ biggest bottlenecks AND get more work done in less time.

It’s easy to see why pool service experts love Service Autopilot. Take charge of your business and take back your life with Service Autopilot.

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What Are You Waiting For? Get Started TODAY.

Getting started is easy! Your Personal Launch Advisor will guide you through the integration process. Step-by-step, we’ll help you use the system so you can grow a more successful pool business. At Service Autopilot, we pride ourselves in educating our Members on building successful pool service businesses that withstand the tests of time.

See Why Pool Service Businesses
Service Autopilot!

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