The Only Business Stat that Matters | The Profit Roadmap

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Scott Howard, master trainer and job costing guru, talks about the only business stat that matters with Cody Owen and Bear Duplisea.

This is the second episode of The Profit Roadmap, Service Autopilot's new podcast dedicated to helping service business owners grow stronger, healthier businesses.

Why can't your business double (or triple) its profits by next year?

It's not because you don't have the skills of big business owners.

It's not because you don't have the same amount of time.

It's not even because you lack their knowledge.

You need simple, actionable advice. That's where The Profit Roadmap comes in.

We provide profitable advice for service business owners (lawn care, landscaping, cleaning, snow removal, etc.) You understand the basic concepts of business. The challenge is applying that knowledge. The Profit Roadmap brings in industry and in-house experts to help you take concepts you already understand and apply them in small, snowball-effect ways.

Because we believe small business doesn't have to mean small profits.

What can I expect in the future?

In the next several episodes, Cody and Bear sit down with:

  • Mike Callahan, business owner and consultant from Upstate New York
  • Chris Volpe, Training Manager and Pareto Principle devotee
  • Patrick Hoffman, writer on this blog and digital marketing wonk

We'll be publishing a new episode every week on Mondays. That means we're ready to hop in the truck, van, or car with you at the beginning of the week.

The Profit Roadmap will keep our content completely in Bear and Cody's grasp, which means it'll stay understandable and relatable. We know that you're busy and we want to make sure that you enjoy the show AND get solid, actionable advice from it.

If you have a good time and make a little more money we'll be ecstatic. Seriously, if something on the show helped you out, let us know: email Cody or Bear and tell us.

You can also leave a review on iTunes, Google Play or wherever you get your Podcasts to let us know how we're doing. It helps people find out about the show and what people think about it.

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"Summon the Rawk" by Kevin MacLeod (

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