Why "Coachability" trumps Experience in the Hiring Process | The Profit Roadmap

Published on December 18, 2017

Volpe is BACK! Chris Volpe, head of our training department, discusses "coachability" and its weight in the hiring process.

What is "Coachability"?

Chris emphasized that you should be looking for candidates who are willing to learn and grow with your company. When hiring, look for those people, even if they have a little less experience. Especially in entry-level, field positions, you can train a willing employee.

That willingness to learn to do things "your way" or the "company way" is coachability.

You can't re-train a know-it-all who's brand new to you but has 3 years experience with a competitor. We've all had employees who did things "their way" instead of the right way. An employee that knows they don't know anything about the industry is way more effective than an employee who knows nothing but thinks they know everything. The know-it-all will fight correction and, worse, will teach his bad (or inefficient, etc.) technique to other employees.

How to Train Your Coachable Employees

Chris also talked about how to train employees well. He let me swing by his desk and snap a picture of the sticky note he mentions in the episode:

To learn what the graph represents, you'll need to hear Chris explain it on this week's episode of The Profit Roadmap.

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