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Increasing Sales and Efficiency in Outdoor Services with AI

Published on May 30, 2024

On this episode of the Profit Roadmap podcast, Ryan and Bekah chat with the founder of Deep Lawn, Joel Northrup.

In this episode, Joel will teach you how to:

  • Save time and get more quotes out 
  • Leverage AI technology in your business
  • Ensure accurate pricing
  • And so much more!

About Joel

Joel Northrup, the founder of Deep Lawn, knows the lawn care industry inside and out. 

He’s been in the lawn care industry for over 15 years and got his start in his teens mowing lawns with his brother.

While this started out as an easy way to earn some extra cash for college, it quickly turned into a real business that they ran for nearly a decade.

Identifying Challenges in the Lawn Care Industry

As Joel gained experience in the industry, he noticed several challenges that lawn care companies faced. 

One of the biggest issues was the time-consuming process of providing quotes to potential clients

"The old quoting process was very time-consuming. A salesperson would have to drive to the property, measure the lawn with a measuring wheel, and then provide a quote. It could take days or even weeks to get a price to the customer."

We all know that time is really important for closing a sale, and that’s when Joel knew that something had to change. 

He wanted to leverage technology to solve these problems and help lawn care businesses become more efficient and profitable.

The Birth of Deep Lawn: Harnessing AI and Geospatial Data

In 2021, Joel launched Deep Lawn, a cutting-edge platform for lawn care and outdoor service companies to provide instant quotes to prospects directly on their websites. 

By using the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and geospatial data, Deep Lawn can accurately measure lawns and properties using satellite imagery.

"With Deep Lawn, you can just search an address and the AI automatically measures the property and generates a price quote in just minutes. No more driving to the property or manually measuring the lawn."

Beyond Quotes: Deep Lawn's Advanced Features

But Deep Lawn offers more than just quick and accurate quotes. 

The platform also provides tools to help businesses make smarter pricing decisions and target the right clients. 

With "geo-pricing," companies can set different prices based on the location of the property which accounts for things like drive time. 

Since its launch, Deep Lawn has helped hundreds of lawn care companies increase their close rates and boost sales

The Future of Continuous Innovation

Looking to the future, Joel and his team are enhancing the platform with even faster AI, more customization options, and seamless integration with Service Autopilot. 

Grow Your Lawn Care Business... Faster 
(and with Less Stress)​

Instant invoicing

Better scheduling

Manage your clients and employees all in one system

Start Software Tour

Joel's mission is to keep innovating and providing the tools that empower lawn and outdoor service businesses to thrive in the digital age.

As the lawn care industry continues to evolve, entrepreneurs like Joel Northrup and innovative platforms like Deep Lawn are leading the way. 

By embracing technology and data-driven solutions, lawn care companies can streamline their operations, provide better service to their customers, and ultimately grow their businesses. 

Learn More

Want to learn more about Joel and Deep Lawn? Be sure to visit their website to see how you can use this cutting-edge technology

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