Instincts Never Change: The Kolbe Index with Jason Cupp

Published on January 15, 2018

Jason Cupp talks with Cody and Bear about the impact on your business of understanding your unchanging instincts as explained by the Kolbe Index, the only quiz/questionnaire whose results NEVER change.

Instincts Never Change: Kolbe Action Modes

Unlike a personality profile or IQ test, Kolbe index results don't change. The four numbers that represent your underlying instincts are always the same.

The action modes (instinct categories) are:

Fact Finder: These are the kind of people who need to research decisions. They do a lot of Googling. They collect information before acting.

Follow Thru: Process-oriented individuals, they like creating and dwelling with well-designed systems.

Quick Start: This is the guy or gal who has an idea and is in step 3 of bringing it to life before you even understand what they're doing. They have an idea and start acting as quickly as possible.

Implementor: Hands-on and tactile. They want to bring their ideas to life with their own hands, if possible.

Everyone falls somewhere on the sliding scale of each of these Action Modes.

Questions about Kolbe?

You can contact Jason through his website. As he said in the episode, his consulting business is full but he's happy to help with Kolbe questions and testing.

"Summon the Rawk" by Kevin MacLeod (

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Cody Owen

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