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How to Welcome New Clients to Your Business | The Profit Roadmap

Published on February 19, 2018

Rebekah Spencer from our Launch Department talks to us about our onboarding process and how you can take principles from that process and use it in your business to increase retention with new clients.

Treat New Clients like People

Remember marketing is a relationship. This person has just committed to you. Show that you match their commitment with a Welcome Packet. Check out this video from Jonathan about what to include in your Welcome Packet:

If you missed the Ted Glaser episode, it's still available in our podcast feed (look back a couple episodes).

Why Clients that Understand What You do Will Appreciate You More

Consider this example:

1. A friend hands you a five dollar bill.

"Oh, uh, thanks."

2. Your friend, who lost their job and their house, hands you a birthday card with a five dollar bill inside.

The context of your friend's struggle shows how much more that $5 meant. That could be the difference between them making rent that month or not.

It's the same with your customers. If they understand what you're doing, the effort, skills, and knowledge that are required they will appreciate it that much more.

Educate your clients so they know how professional and skilled you are.

"Summon the Rawk" by Kevin MacLeod (

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