Free Snow Removal Contract: Write in 5 Easy Steps

Published on January 6, 2022

One of the best ways to mitigate liabilities is by creating a robust snow removal contract for your business.

A great snow removal contract has the power to:

  • Outline the full scope of the service to clients
  • Set clear expectations for both parties to follow
  • Offer a mutual agreement between both parties on the services rendered

As a result, a complete snow removal removal contract streamlines communication between the business and the client. In turn, it reduces the chance of miscommunication.

In this article, you'll discover how to easily write a robust snow removal contract which holds both parties accountable for the statements and promises made.


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1. Include These Essentials in Your Snow Removal Contract

Ensure both you and your clients have a complete understanding of the snow removal contract's terms and conditions by including these essential elements:

  1. Extent of Work
    • State what the service includes.
  2. Services
    • State requested services and list specifics about each.
      • E.g. free access to driveway and sidewalks, etc.
    • Include a service description.
      • E.g. driveway, walkway/sidewalk, rooftop, parking lot, etc.
  3. Property Description
    • During your pre-season visit, list any pre-existing damages and property descriptions.
  4. Guarantee
    • State there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  5. Contract Pricing
    • State the agreed upon price.
    • Explain how you’ll be charging for services.
      • E.g. per push, per event, per inch, seasonal contracts, multi-seasonal contracts, hourly, etc.
    • Also, if applicable, mention the retainer.
  6. Snow Event
    • Define what qualifies as a snow event, and state when the contract will begin and complete.
      • Depending on your pricing strategy, this might be as simple as stating that services will initiate and be completed within a set timeframe of snow events.
  7. Payments
    • State due dates and payment information.
  8. Legal Compliance
    • State that your business is abiding by all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  9. Insurance
    • The business has adequate insurance. Also, include who you’re insured by.
  10. Subcontractors
    • If applicable, provide a disclosure about potential subcontractors.
  11. Unexpected Costs
    • The client understands any unexpected costs might change their price.
  12. Arbitration
  13. Final Disclosure
    • Provide a complete explanation in the final disclosure about this contract being final. Any future amendments will need to be signed in writing by both parties.

Writing Your Own Snow Removal Contract Outline

This outline is a great starting point in creating your snow removal contract.

However, every business has different needs. It’s important to make any necessary adjustments for your business on an as-needed basis.

During the process of creating your snow removal contract, consider the essential factors of your business.

Consider your client base, and anything which could potentially incite conflict or misunderstanding.

As always, meet with a lawyer or legal consultant to ensure you’ve included all essential elements within the contract.

2. Outline the Requested Services

It’s important to outline the requested services as well as any details about the service within the contract.

For example, if you’re plowing a driveway, then explain the need for free access to the driveway as well as any other specifics about the service.

Depending on the service, it’s crucial to explain everything that’s included with the requested service within the snow removal contract.

Plus, if for some reason, you encounter unexpected costs, you’ll have the ability to adjust pricing.

Take a look at a few disclaimers you can include:

  • The client’s price may be adjusted to reflect unpredictable changes, such as unexpected costs or challenges.
  • Even though the [snow removal business name] will seek to avoid any property damage, no promises can be made. Any damages caused by [snow removal business name] will be covered by [insurance provider name].
  • The client understands they’re required to provide free access to the areas needing snow removal (e.g. driveway, sidewalk, etc.).
  • All essential labor, equipment, materials, and travel are included within the service price.

While these disclaimers provide an excellent starting point, it’s important to be proactive and make adjustments based on the knowledge of your specific client base.

3. Determine a Payment Process

Your snow removal contract should include a description of your payment process, which explains how clients will pay for their services - credit card, cash, check, etc.?

Plus, with Service Autopilot you can initiate same-day automated payments. In turn, these automatic payments reduce the risk of late paying and non-paying clients.

Additionally, it’s important to specify any stipulations surrounding instances like due dates, declined payments, late fees, and non-payment penalties.

4. ALWAYS Meet With a Lawyer or Legal Consultant Before Finalizing

No matter what, it’s vital to meet with a trusted lawyer or legal consultant before finalizing your snow removal contract.

Keep in mind, proper legal counsel is the ONLY way to fully ensure your contract is free from legal conflicts, liabilities, incorrect language, and more.

ALWAYS meet with a trusted lawyer or legal consultant before finalizing any contracts or legally binding documents.

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5. The Best Snow Removal Software Secures Electronic Signatures for You

Using the best snow removal software, you can easily secure time-stamped, validated electronic signatures with an IP address.

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  • Document pre-season visits within client accounts

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Protect Your Business With a Robust Snow Removal Contract

Finally, you can create a robust snow removal contract to protect your business and mitigate liabilities.

You can now unlock the power of your new snow removal contract and:

  • Create mutual trusting relationships with clients
  • Set clear expectations and obligations for both parties
  • Ensure there’s no miscommunication between either party

Never forget, it’s important to ALWAYS meet with a trusted lawyer or legal consultant to ensure all bases are covered within the contract.

Creating a robust snow removal contract might seem overwhelming at first. Although, now you have everything needed to simplify the process and create yours today!

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